I want to talk a little about Akashic Quantum Journeys today and give a few tips on how to enhance this with yourself. How it feels when my transcendent Merkaba shifts dimensions and I see Akashic memories and experience them as real time.. If you have had what many call astral travel, out of body experiences, this is you being consciously aware of the amazing light body you have.. And it's capabilities.. Your Merkaba is transcendent.. I will post an article about this below..
First -trust
Second -facing all you are and honor all you have been good or bad in your akashic DNA blueprint..
Third - tell your higher self your ready, make your higher self your Besty..
Fourth- Jump.. And have no fear..
When I travel and basically shift dimensional awareness there is a feeling and sound like a huge elevator swishing up and down different vibrations.. You will feel it in the ears and energy around you..
Depending on what you need and the trust you give your own wisdom which is that higher self soul and energy of your core and connection to all that is.. Will either stifle or enhance this ability..
I trust with all my heart and say show me, take me wherever, I simply tell my spirit and entourage to show me whatever is needed.. I am the human right now with many many aspects of myself, my guides or what I call spirit are ever changing, which is my entourage and aspects of myself.. They come to us as singular but I am now at the point of just seeing it as one big collective of me and my twin flame,, this includes all we were and have been and it is a lot.. Same as arch angels.. They are big collectives of many.. Of a oneness.. Never singular.. But like Gaia is a huge collective but feels as one Mother Earth.. Now as my own consciousness shifted.. The spiritual energy shifted and I would see for my own humanity needs, many as singular and separate yet part of the whole.. Like a family but all myself.. It is easier for us to see energy as individuals, etc.. Like, we talk to other humans and spirit does this for us.. So we understand easily,, messages and their support.,
They shift and change depending on whom I am feeling the most akashic energy from of my own DNA energy... and that energy will become prevalent in day to day life for a time as I basically bring forth what I need.. And let my higher self take the wheel.. It is total,trust..
There are many variables to Akashic energy.. If your a twin flame, the deep connections you have with others, or your past lives, and then reading others also is variable on many things as total quantum journeys into your own past... Or theirs.. All you are is like a circle of now time in higher vibration but exists within you and in Gaia.. And can be explored..
There is intuitive readings .. Meaning flash images given into your brain as visuals or messages. there is total quantum journeys in lucid state as you rest your physical body and consciously, see, hear, travel and feel your past and even others if there is a trust and spiritual need.. It is like being in a movie and as real as what you experience as your humanity today..
Now to start this within yourself, meditation and stillness is key to the experiences you have.. When I journey I put my physical body to lucid sleep state and transition into energy as what we call the Merkaba..
The seemingly separation and traveling out of body scares some and they may shut this gift down.. It is why I say trust is paramount to experiencing your lives beyond this one.. As all you are and have been..It is amazing and just incredible to relive certain Akashic moments.. There is so much more and I am thinking of doing a Quantum Journey Series..
When they say the universe is within you, it really is for you can have the most profound experiences and see and travel in any dimension with trust.. And be totally aware and remember.. Your experiences as awake or even in rem sleep.. Or lucid meditation..
Many don't or will not have the need for traveling but receive Akashic information from their higher self and guidance., with their Clair's.. so it is unique for each person..
If you want to start traveling into your own inter dimensional energy.. Trusting is the big step.. Breaking out of the human conditioning.. And allowing your own origins to come forth to show you the beauty and if you know in your heart that angels are omni present, so are you.. And your soul.. Know your essence, the spirit within you, the Merkaba is also.. Omnipresent and what today is known as quantum, it's how you feel energy and imprint on people just writing or commenting on facebook.. This energy of you is wise and a part of you.. And can take you on amazing magical journeys and experiences.. When you open the door fully,, much can be seen..
What is the merkaba? This is Ancient Knowledge.. essenes knew, ancient hebrew, ancient egyptian, thoth... many have taught on this Light body you have..