Our Sun and his beloved Sirius are flying back into each other's arms after long period of separation. Their happy reunion will bring the Golden Age back to Earth and a blessing to the humankind. Raise your vibration and fill your heart with love to benefit most from this special time.
Sounds too fluffy and new-agey? Maybe, but haven't you notice a huge wave of awakening that swept across the globe in recent time? The avalanche of new information keeps falling on our heads. The long forgotten ancient knowledge, which elite used for thousands of years to rule us has suddenly became available to millions. The change in people's consciousness is striking and their number is growing with tremendous speed.
Santos Bonacci is an astro-theologian, a lecturer and a musician. He studied hundreds of books and a Holy Bible from cover to cover and convinced that all characters from the Sacred Books could be found up in the sky. THEY ARE THE STARS AND PLANETS. The whole religion rotates above our heads! Santos brings the sacred (and once secret) wisdom back to people with ease and grace and his charming italian/ australian accent :-)) He is a beautiful, special person, full of love and light himself.
The clip is an extract from the film
2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning
Santos: "I deal with the subject Syncretism, bringing together all the fields of knowledge and wisdom and showing the interrelatedness of all subjects. Syncretism is the opposite of division and disunity and covers all the big topics like Theology, Astrotheology, Natural Science, Astrology, Reclaiming Dominion, Breaking the fictions of Religion, Science and Law, and the Holy Science, an ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, 'as above so bellow'. These sciences enable one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world currently has to offer.
Syncretism shows how all the Ancient Legendary Stories, Myths, Bibles, Fairy Tales etc, all have one simple common origin. In all of these wonderful ancient classics, the Personae are always the same, under different names."