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The Original Multidimensional Human and The Current

What was once a radical movement has changed the way people look at the world. Quantum Physics amazed the world with its discoveries about the holographic nature of reality, however, these discoveries only touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of the universal and inter-dimensional physics. We now know that at the quantum level everything is simply energy vibrating at a certain frequency to create matter, but the rate in which energy vibrates can exponentially get higher, so where is the matter that vibrates above the visible light spectrum that our eyes can see?

Consciousness can now be understood as the product of energetic vibration and not merely the undefined fluke created by the illusive something. With this view of reality emotion and thought can finally be understood in a linear way as energy vibrating at a higher frequency to create more subtle consciousness.

Sound harmonics can be used to understand the nature of frequency vibration, and how harmony can be achieved with this conscious play. With this perspective, one can wonder how the manipulation of frequency can be actualized not only in music but in creation of a reality, which we now know we are at least a fundamental part of.

In fact, this viewpoint can uncover the truth in many dogmatic belief systems shrouded in mystery.
Religion and the externalization of a God who oversees and judges, injecting fear into society, really does not fit the nature of harmonics in which true God-Like, benevolent thoughts and creations can be found and the study of energetic harmony. The essence of consciousness and its identical nature in all beings, combined with the discovery that thought directly alters the holographic reality presented, and actually creates it, points to one conclusion; We are God. God is within, we are all one being creating and experiencing a world with individuated consciousness, evidently designed in its geometries and mathematics which reflect this. Our bodies of awareness created in such a way for a system of sentience to be actualized in a world of illusion. We are not separate, yet this is how our choices project us here and now, playing the game and studying the experiment that is humanity and its Earth. So what is the full extent of this system that we create? Why are we just discovering this now? And how can we enlighten those still unaware and unconscious? How can we heal?

The Human System that we create can now be understood in a different way, and "filling in the blanks", the anomalies, answering the unanswered questions in its biology with the discovery of multidimensional consciousness.

Imagine something in your minds-eye. You are creating and you are experiencing this reality. This is similarly true in physical reality, just there is a lower vibration with dense physical matter making conscious change less obvious, as thought manifests with a time delay, making choice the creation tool which defines the future.

Pure consciousness, being God, being us in individuation, Source, the "I AM" presence can be analysed with quantum physics.

Partiki are standing wave points, or units of conscious energy which flash on and off billions of times a second into a morphogenetic field, a form holding blueprint. These Partiki behave similar to the way pixels on your computer screen flash on and off to create an image.
Partiki are like Life-Pixels! They are responsible for every-thing. The flashing on uses the Divine Masculine energy (Man-A) and the flashing off uses the Divine Feminine energy (Eir-A). The "Holy-Spirit" or still-point is called "The Void" which is the un-individuated, un-manifest, Divine Love Source Energy (Man-U) that creates and flows through all things. This is the energy that individuates to create these two polarized currents. These Partiki make up sub atomic particles, which make up atoms, which make up molecules, which make up cells, to create the body.

The SAME process is used to manifest the mind, the emotions and every-thing ever created.
Thought formation at the quantum level is a Scalar Wave Program; which is the programmed sequence in which partiki are to flash on and off, creating specific vibratory particles which build the "thing"

The Human body, as a designed thought formation, manifests as a result of scalar wave programs- "Energetic blueprints" which create a DNA Template, which is shown physically as the manifest DNA -the "chemical blueprint" for your physicality.

Roughly 2% of the manifest DNA encodes the necessary information for the creation of a physical form as this DNA codes for proteins. This means that only 2% of the DNA within the nucleus of a cell creates RNA patterns for Ribosomes to then build Amino acids into Proteins, for the creation of the physical form. The other 98% of this DNA has been labeled "Junk" DNA by scientists, as it lies dormant for most Humans, and does not perform an apparent function. This DNA has a function! It is called Intron DNA and is responsible for the evolution of the Human within the life-time. The inactivity of this DNA for most humans means that instead of getting more healthy throughout the life-time and accreting light into the morphogentic field, raising the frequency and ascending in consciousness, the Human deteriorates and physical Death is experienced.

To understand the way in which Humans are supposed to evolve in the lifetime, the multidimensional nature of reality must be uncovered.

As Partiki flash on and off to create Particles, the pulsation rhythms of particles increase to create higher frequency vibrations. 15 frequency bands are created, with magnetic repulsion zones to separate them, which behave like void spaces in between dimensions. In doing this a 15 dimensional Time Matrix is created.

This consists of 5 Harmonic universes (HU)

1 HU incorporates 3 dimensions/energetic frequency bands in which energy is vibrating to create a particular conscious design. The frequency vibration of the energy rises with the dimensional scale; the lower the frequency the higher the density of matter.

In Dimension 1, the Physical body is created. This is so, as the frequencies of physicality are all contained within the first dimensional frequency band. Dimension 2 holds the emotional body and dimension 3 contains the mental body of awareness. These 3 Dimensions of consciousness make up the first Harmonic Universe incorporating the Incarnate Identity. The Mind is 3 Dimensional, and therefore reality here is perceived in 3D. The DNA Template is the blueprint for all dimensional creations as it is the template to your multidimensional anatomy just as the chemical DNA is the template to your physical.

The original intention for the Human system is the continuous generation and accretion of light into the morphogentic field, increasing the frequency of the being for the embodiment of 12 strands of DNAwithin the DNA template to become a fully embodied Angelic Human. A DNA strand activates fully when the 12 fire letters are activated. Fire letters are fixed Scalar wave program sequences corresponding to a particular dimensional frequency band. A DNA strand activates with the accretion of the specific frequency they are encoded with. There are therefore 12 double Helix configurations of DNA created which manifest physically, with 12 Chromosomes created per DNA strand- resulting in a total of 144.
The Baby is born with 3 strands active and therefore 3 dimensions of consciousness embodied to become an incarnate Being.

- Strands 4, 5 and 6 are activated between ages 11-22, activating and embodying the Soul Identity from HU2;

- Strands 7, 8 and 9 between the ages 22-33 for the Human to embody its Over-Soul identity, HU3,

-Strands 10, 11 and 12 between the ages of 33-44 for the Christos Avatar Self in HU4.

In activating all 12 strands of the DNA template the being would have accreted enough frequency into its field, and would use the encoded the ability to change the angular rotation of particle spin by 45 degrees within the cells and raise the molecular pulsation rate of the Physical Body, changing from carbon based matter (HU-1) to Silica based matter (HU-2), then to an etheric based body (HU-3) and eventually Golden Liquid Light (HU-4); and undergo a process called Molecular Transmutation or Ascension. When the system works properly the being can change the density of the body at will ascending and descending freely.
The dense comforts and senses experienced are an option, as well as the lighter and more harmonious frequencies in the higher dimensions, with faster time-flows and ecstasies . There are beings that have mastered their multidimensional anatomy, ascended and are working to heal the Earth and Humanity from the higher dimensions. We call them Ascended Masters. Even the highest of these masters, these Rishi's are still working on their DNA, and accreating light into the morphogenetic field as this process can continue until One-ness and Unification with Source is accomplished. When this process of evolution, ascension and Soul Unification is complete, The Soul, as The One Source consciousness will then create its own universes and individuations, just as we are the creation of this one.

So Why is This Not Happening?

When a baby is born it is fully connected to the primal life-force currents from Source, and generates new energy, increasing its health physically, emotionally and mentally. The time comes for the child to begin embodying the Soul (stationed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6) but the natural process is stopped after activating roughly 3.5 strands.
The child then starts to degenerate as the primal life-force currents become blocked, and the frequencies needed for further health generation cannot be obtained. This is the result of unnatural energetic seals in the higher dimensions. Specifically, there is an unnatural energetic seal on DNA strand 4, called the Zeta Seal, which stops the accretion of 4th dimensional frequency and therefore the full activation of DNA strand 4. This DNA strand corresponds to the astral body which is the body we use to create in the 4th dimension, which we call Dream. This block is the reason we are not fully conscious in our dreams and therefore sometimes we cannot remember them. We are supposed to be fully lucid in the dream state, as the physical body rejuvenates from the previous day, we experience our astral body at night creating anything we want.

As DNA strand 4 does not fully activate, the natural DNA activation is halted and the other 8 strands do not activate.

A result of this is that as we live more and more, instead of accreting more and more light, getting lighter and lighter, less dense and less dense, past experiences build up and are energetically stored in the cells, causing molecular compaction, and the process is essentially reversed (which actually manifests as a ring of physical weight around the waist, under the belly-button) and we go through all sorts of weird, unnatural phenomena such as puberty; which is actually a major turning point for the being, as this is the beginning of hormonal imbalance, decreasing energy levels, and the activation and walking of their Karmic Imprints.

Our DNA is intimately connected to the DNA of the Earth and our energy bodies are identical, so when we incarnate we inherit these seals. They are in the DNA of every living being on planet Earth who has not had a session for their removal.

A DNA strand relates to a Chakra, which is an energy vortices containing a color frequency band of life-force energy. The full activation of the 4th DNA strand fully activates the 4th Chakra and therefore the astral body. The 4th Chakra is the Heart Chakra, and governs the cultivation of Love. As this Chakra does not fully Open naturally there is a lack of love for one another on the planet, which means that people live from the lower Chakras, the Solar Plexus and the Sacral Chakras and dramatic chaos is created in order for one to get life-force energy from the external source; instead of simply granting love to ones-self, realizing that this energy is abundant in nature.

There are a Group of Unnatural Seals called the Jehovian Seals (J-Seals), which are located on the 7th Axi-A tonal line, which is a vertical energy channel that runs down the left side of the body, corresponding to the 7th DNA strand, 7th Chakra and 7th Dimension. These Seals are known as the "Death Seals" as they are high priority blocks and the main reason why physical death occurs.

Check the Diagram and see if you are having or have had any physical issues in these areas. These unnatural seals are the likely cause.

When clear of these seals, the DNA can be activated and your higher self embodied, unfolding new realms of possibility, frequency and creation.

This Universal Structure in which we create, is designed with certain parameters. These are called: "The Universal Laws" or "Divine Right Order"

- Free Will Choice: The right to choose directly against the laws
- Unconditional Love: Love field energy choices
- The Law Of Cause And Effect: Choice and consequence
- The Law of One: One-ness in Nature, Unity
- The Law of Cooperation: Parts of the One working together

If One chooses to create against the universal laws a Karmic Imprint is created. This Imprint is like a reversal in the energetic DNA, as they reverse the Fire-Letter sequences constructing it. They are twisted energy patterns which inhibits the accretion of light in an area of the morphogenetic field, and stops the natural flow of Life-force energy.

As this blockage from within lowers the frequency of the being, a Karmic consequence is projected into the reality. Hence the phrase "Karmas a Bitch" or "What Goes Around Comes Around"

This dis-ease can and does eventually manifest physically (For Example: Cancer is manifested from these imprints)

Karmic imprints are also inherited through the DNA of your parents and ancestors, meaning that instead of being clear from birth and living in line with your higher self, you live and experience the karmic consequences and energetic baggage of them when they start to activate. This can be seen as traits, habits even financial limitations, as Poverty Consciousness is a program inherited through the DNA, and projects lack into the reality.

DNA Blocks such as these form the creation of the "Shadow Self" which is the part of You running in reverse! This part of you Is the Absence of existence and sucks energy from other beings in order to exist. Personas such as "The Victim" or "The Tyrant" are the aspects of the shadow self, and show its characteristics.

An interesting analogy when talking about this is the study of Identical Twins and Triplets (etc)

I am actually one of these case studies as I am an identical triplet. That's me in the middle! Me and my brothers, although genetically identical have distinguishing characteristics that separate our appearance, like freckles; and different shaped heads.

We were born very prematurely and my brother Tom (Left), at birth, barely survived as he was very ill. He was very thin, and as a result of this, his head now is much thinner than mine and my other brother's.
The point is, your genetics, are constantly changing. The choices that you make and what you surround yourself with affects your life dramatically; at the DNA level!

Imagine what you can do, conscious of this! Change not only your life, but the lives of those around you!

With the creation of Dis-ease comes the creation of traumatic experiences in the lifetime. Analogical experiences (When you suffer a "shock" and time seems to stop) are the result of these. When One "goes analogical" the soul's energy is fragmented. These fragmented energetic identities or ID's can pollute the Auric field as they are programmed energetically with specific fearful or negative thoughts. They are like your fragmented "past-selves" haunting you from the past and affecting you in the present by lowering your frequency and keeping you "stuck" in life.
These IDs are the source of all Trauma, ALL dis-ease manifests from an ID. ID's are created and programmed with a frequency that corresponds directly to the experience; for example if you go analogical with a betrayal, say your wife leaves you, then the ID will be stored in the heart chakra as this is the frequency of energy lost in that moment. ID's create occupants in the chakras which are soul-less entities that form blocks to the natural flow of energy and the chakras don't open fully. This means that when this happens and the Occupants become activated, the same situation or feeling is created again as these Soul-less entities are charged with your energy and they think that they own the body.

Beings that have died and lost their physical body can be so unhealthy in the soul that they choose to stay on the astral level of the Earth (In the Infra Red spectrum of the 4th dimension). In doing this they attach to an incarnate being, usually to continue an experience. These may be loved ones that have passed away and are clinging to past pleasures, or beings that want to carry on an addiction such as such as drugs or cigarettes. These beings, called Discarnates, tend to suck energy and project thought forms and they are the cause of mental illness such as Schizophrenia. If people are "hearing Voices" or "hallucinating" it is likely an extreme case of entity attachments, as these Souls can hold grudges due to events in the lifetime and how they were treated.

Incarnate beings with lots of these Auric Attachments tend to become "possessed" and often make decisions against Divine Right Order and create more subsequent karmic imprints and dis-ease. No clear being would choose to smoke a cigarette!

Portals to other Astrals or Dimensions, Wormholes to other beings and unnatural energetic chords are examples of Auric attachments, and you could be losing energy this way, and receiving other peoples adverse thought forms. This results in the projection of unbalanced relationships in your life. With a relationship, an energetic chord is created. These chords are not transmuted when the relationship ends, therefore until cleared, energetically you are still in a relationship with your ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, wives, husbands, dogs, cats, friends etc.

When clear of Auric Attachments, your frequency will rise, attracting into your reality a new grid of people, places, things, events, work and opportunities. The lower frequency people in your life will no longer be manifested into your reality, they will simply fall out of your life, out of your hologram.

Evolution is the process by which the frequency vibration of the energy which makes up a reality increases with time, raising the pulsation rate of particles.

The Earth's consciousness undergoes this process and is now approaching a Stellar activation cycle: This means that the Star Gates/Chakras of the Earth open up and inter dimensional frequency comes into the planet, speeding up the evolutionary process in preparation for an ascension into Harmonic Universe 2. This happens every 26,556 years so the Earth and its grids need to be clear for this can occur. For the Earth to be completely clear every human must be, because our DNA is directly connected to the Earths, so the process of clearing your system and activating your DNA is key in achieving this. Once enough frequency is held, enough people activated, actualized and clear, then critical mass can occur, and the Earths grids can be reset to their original Divine Function. The Original Plans for the Earth's ascension however have been changed. The natural ascension into HU-2 cannot happen because the Earth's counterpart planet in this universe, Terra (Tara) is even more unhealthy than the Earth. New plans have been made. The AH universe, the Absolute Harmonic Universe is like the Higher Self universal structure of Harmonic Universe. We are preparing the Earth for the descension of AH. The descension of absolute harmony; transcending Duality, entering Unity Consciousness.

Some beings who are incarnate on Earth have a higher DNA template than others. These beings are called Indigos or Indigo children. If you are an Indigo then you will have a 24 to 48 strand template and therefore the ability to activate 24 to 48 DNA Strands and create 24 to 48 dimensions of consciousness. These Souls have come from other star systems and are here to facilitate the awakening and activation of the human race.Indigos are needed as they are the "light holders" of the Earth, and are the beings that are responsible for the accretion of this inter-dimensional frequency. They have more DNA activated at birth than the Angelic Human, and tend to be very conscious and sensitive throughout their life-time.

The Angelic Human is here to experience life on Earth, Indigos are here to align that experience to the universal laws, raise the frequency of the Earth and Ascend the consciousness of The Human Race.

There are easy ways to connect to your higher dimensional self and ask if you are one of these beings, or any other question.

The process of Auric Clearing, Karmic Clearing and Unnatural seal removal as well as the activation of your DNA, is the process of clearing the system, transmuting all blockage with divine love before releasing them back to source; and facilitating the activation of 12 to 48 strands of DNA for the embodiment of your higher self. The Specific DNA activation that I offer is the Golden DNA activation. It overlays your current DNA Template, operating system built for the harmonic universal structure with an upgraded one; Transcending duality, from the dimensions of Unity Consciousness, in Absolute Harmony; activating your True ascended self. 

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