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The Angelic Human Emerges!

The Angelic Human Emerges!
Posted by ANGEL~A - Admin. on May 3, 2014 at 8:41pm in The Angelic Realm
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The Angelic Human Emerges  by Toni Elizabeth Sar’h

The Angelic Human is creating a metamorphosis within the human species. Every
human being has the capacity to be an Angelic Human. Angel means “messenger”.
Hu-man means “god-man”. “Hu” is an ancient form of the word “god”. “Man”
means homo sapiens – “the wise man; he who knows”. So, every human being is
“god in form as homo sapiens with a message”. The question is whether the
human being is going to permit itself access to the message, allowing it to unfold
into human consciousness.

Below are listed a selection of attributes and characteristics enlisted in the
process of transformation:

1. The Angelic Human is opening energetic portals into the fifth dimension (the
plane you are currently existing within) to information from the realm of all
possibility (Cosmic Mind) far surpassing anything comprehensible to the human
mind in this moment;
2. The perceptions radiating into this realm are pushing the boundaries of human
conception beyond the present capacity of the mass consciousness;
3. Certain Angelic Humans are acting as superconductors (perfect conduits)
assisting the flow of information into this dimension with less resistance;
4. Other Angelic Humans are energetically maintaining the portal accessibility by
forming vibrational bridges into this omniversal intelligence stream; this action is
transfiguring the Angelic Humans, in turn amplifying their metamorphosis within
the Whole;
5. As the Cosmic Expression of Divine Intelligence progresses into the present
dimension, designated Angelic Humans act as frequency resorters (translators) of
the transformative insights creating an expansion in humanity's understanding;
specificity of language is not important; 2

(Painting – Pamela Cail – www.rainbowrea.com)
6. During this transformative process, specific Angelic Humans are holding a
container containing nodal points of transference allowing congruence within
humanity's repository of informative frequency;
7. Each of these nodal points is a specific aspect of transmission using the Golden
Mean spiral for perfect conductivity of informational flow; the Angelic Humans
anchoring these points radiate through the heart what would otherwise be
perceived by the mind causing heart and mind to align in union;
8. Once the spiraling series is immersed within the physical realm, other Angelic
Humans act as balancing stabilizers mediating the frequencies of the mass mind
with the Cosmic Intelligence emerging through the bridged portals; the deepest
significance of the stabilization is the transformative perception it creates within
consciousness wherein each human being accepts him or herself as the Sacred
9. As the expansion of human consciousness emerges due to the Christus
anointing anchored by the Angelic Humans, particular Angelic Humans focus a
coherent frequency igniting the individual within its awareness Divine Union; 3

10. The attributes of the Angelic Human are further augmented by those of their
kind who incarnated into this realm to hold a position of fearlessness, courage and
acceptance in order to reflect allowance of direct knowing in a fearful population.
The maintenance of these frequencies releases the mass consciousness from the
fear of its potential as light in form thus igniting remembrance of union.
If you wonder what your message may be, I record Angelic Human readings to
bring that information to you. The present dimension is only beginning to align
itself with the transformative influx being embedded by the Angelic Humans.
I also offer a course for the Angelic Humans to assist them in understanding their
commissioned aspects. This course is both etherically focused and very practical
enhancing the physical interactions with that of the vibrational realms.
It does not require experience to unfold and acquire remembrance of your Angelic
Human encodings. It only requests your willingness to forego lack of self-worth
and embrace your Divine Potential. Eventually the Angelic Humans will have
emerged in such numbers that all of humanity will understand the messages lying
dormant within their cellular DNA. Then the future-future will be manifested by
the resonance of each within the conscious awareness of personal Divinity.

(Cover art – A. Andrew Gonzalez – www.sublimatrix.com)

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