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How To Balance Spirituality With Sexuality?

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Source: How To Balance Spirituality With Sexuality? | Big Picture Questions 

In previous posts, we discovered the difference between human love and divine love, the purpose of relationships and why spiritual people are often not in a relationship. These blogs generated more questions and discussion about how to combine one’s spirituality with sexuality. Once again, my go-to sources for these questions are the 9D and 12D Pleiadian Collectives (“the P’s”), who teach through my favorite channels, Wendy Kennedy [1] and Nora Herold [2]. Please take what resonates and leave the rest. 

What is sexual energy? 
Most of us think creative energy means the expression of creative thoughts or artistic works, like poetry, paintings, music, dance, etc. But according to the Pleiadians, creative energy and sexual energy are one and the same. It is only split in our understanding of it [1].

▪ We have forgotten what “procreation” really is – an intended act to create, to produce or bring something into being, which includes but is not limited to generating or reproducing offspring.
▪ We have forgotten that we use the same life force energy, whether it is used to make love or to create a cup of coffee, a painting, a relationship or a new job [1]. 

How did modern reproduction evolve?

According to Guy Needler, we have been experimenting with hybrid incarnate vehicles for the “Human Being Project” for millennia, because incarnation accelerates our evolution [3].

▪ Earlier human prototypes kept their connection to Source, while they incarnated into vehicles that they were able to enter and leave at will [3].
▪ One body could house 3-4 spirits at the same time. Spirits could jump from one body to another for a different experience alone or together [3].
▪ But all this sharing and jumping around created distorted energy imprints that affected all those spirits and had to be repaired on the spiritual side [3].
▪ The next experiment was with hermaphrodites (both sexes in one body), which grew their own offspring internally, but they were vulnerable to diseases at lower density [3].
▪ So the hermaphrodite was split into separate male and female vehicles, which caused the least problems in the energetic realms. The dysfunctional energies (“karma”) only affected one being, not all the other beings that the person was interacting with [3]. 

How are we using our current physical bodies?

Now that we’re in the lowest density Earth, we have physical bodies that we’re still using as the vehicle or medium to express ourselves, to communicate and share an experience in an intimate way [1].

▪ But many of us are trying to use sex for connection, to connect to Source through another human being, to get the feeling of “divine love” or connectedness we used to have in other forms or other dimensions [1].
▪ We have forgotten that WE are love incarnate, and that our connection to divine love is within us [1, 2]. Presumably, that’s what some holy men were seeking by retreating to a cave or a mountaintop to meditate in solitude with no distractions. 

▪ But the P’s said the quickest way to connect to Source is to think of something that makes you smile or expands your heart space (e.g. pictures of baby animals, nature scenes, etc.). It’s about choosing to operate and create from our heart center, which is pure with nothing to fix, clean, shift or change [1, 2]. It’s about surrending to that truth.
▪ Other people use some form of meditation, hemisync audio recordings, drumming, psychedelic drugs or certain light devices to induce various levels of higher states.

What is the goal for 2014?

The goal for 2014 is to love yourself more, i.e. to be gentle, patient and loving with self and others, who are going through the same experience right now [1, 2]. When you can love your self, all your choices and acknowledge all your creations, you become WHOLE [1].

▪ The P’s say most of us have no model for giving or receiving unconditionally, because of the game of duality we’ve been playing for eons [1].
▪ We have a lot of unconditional love for animals (our greatest teachers of unconditional love and living in the now moment), but not so much for other human beings [1].
▪ Human love is seen as conditional, as in “I’m going to love you, but only if you’re going to accept me; I need approval, safety and security, etc.” That’s a heavy load to put on someone else, when it’s really about your own issues [2]. 

What makes Earth such a special place to incarnate?

The Pleiadians said Earth is the “all you can eat buffet of experiences” of the universe [2]. As Nora Herold put it: “We can have fun pretending to be a boy or a girl, or a girl wishing to be a boy, taking on heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual forms of sexuality [2].” 

▪ Apparently, many children are coming to the planet as androgynous beings, running both yin and yang energy. The younger generations are operating from the truer nature that we all experience on the energetic side [1, 2].
▪ The P’s suggested that we release our attachment to genders, roles, sexual identifiers and thinking in terms of male (yang) or female (yin) energies, because that’s NOT our true identity [2].
▪ We are universal beings of light and love, who simply have been using those identifiers to write a story for ourselves in 3D [2]. That story is changing.

How will sex and relationships change in the future?

The Pleiadians said that as we continue to work on ourselves, to explore own own bodies first, we can use the orgasm state to feel our full connection with the greater Source energy [1, 2].

▪ You can run that energy to light up every cell up and down the vehicle, not just your chakras, to feel yourself as Source energy [1, 2].
▪ When you connect in this way, it’s like plugging into a wall outlet with an infinite supply of energy readily available to you. The P’s said we can use that energy for instantaneous healing of aches and pains, clearing trauma or energy blocks and for manifesting [2]. 

▪ Once we have linked up with Source and see ourselves as a creator being, we’ll be able to match that same frequency with another being, while disassociating ourselves from the old stories, fantasies, porn, techniques, i.e. all the habits and programs that we’ve used in the past [2].
▪ The P’s said we need to stop running our connection to Source energy through another person, i.e. “to use sex to get to God” [2].
▪ As we are shifting and evolving, a lot of people are refraining from sexual relationships right now, because they are working on themselves. Even those with partners may be working with their own energy, their own sexual identity or reorientation [2].

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we’ll get to a point, where we choose to connect or comingle with another being. BUT then sex will have a different purpose – it’s about connection, not just about physical pleasure [1, 2]. But you should know that when we activate more of our energetic field, we will have more physical pleasure, too. The P’s said we could stay in a blissful state for hours, days, weeks, but it is all SELF-generated by being heart-centered [1, 2]. That’s quite a shift indeed! 

For more information, please see: 

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[2] Nora Herold: Nora Herold – Home & Teleconference February 2, 2013 & Dimensional Games, Identity, Abduction & Galactic History – Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, & Yeshua : ChannelCast.tv & A Fireside Chat with Lance White – Radio interview May 8, 2013 

[3] Guy Steven Needler: The History of God (www.guystevenneedler.com)

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