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Lightgrid SOLSTICE Celebration Posted by Sonja Myriel

Lightgrid SOLSTICE Celebration Posted by Sonja Myriel on June 19, 2014 at 9:27am in Lightgrid 

Dear Lightgrid Family and Gridwork Team,

The Solstice is nearing, Full Moon energies still being on. Are you ready to take the next step?

As Amoran suggested, we will follow Lord Gandhi's request and focus our LOVE and PRAYERS on bringing UNITY, PEACE, BALANCE and thus ABUNDANCE to AFRICA - and we will aid the process of BALANCING the Feminine and the Masculine Energies on Earth, just as Ishema asked us to do in her post on June 21st. The following are insights I gained which will help us to COMBINE both intentions as we begin to see the bigger picture behind the scenes ...

At about a month ago I realised that the SPRING EQUINOX of 2015 will be a very special one: A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE will mark the RETURN of the SUN on the North Pole on March 20th! On this day we will be asked to work in UNISON with the Fairy, the Angel and the Ascended Master Kingdom. We will need as many lightworkers AWAKE and ready to SERVE as possible to tip the balance in favour of PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT and a GENTLE transition into the New World. The Plants, the Minerals and the Animals will stand side by side with the Crystalline Human Race and TOGETHER we will fully shift into the New Age, receiving the Blessings of RENEVAL.

The preparation for this shift begins as soon as NOW.

We have 2 solstices and 1 Equinox to position ourSELF and re-establish full communication with the elements.

The following draft shall illustrate what is going to happen at the June Solstice now - and a very similar process, with reversed  polarities and magnetics, will take place in December:

You see GAIA and the HEART of Mother Earth. The HEART is pumping energy - not only for GAIA, but the entire UNIVERSE. Europe received the jump start of the Divine Feminine HEART Energy on June 7th- and the WAVE of awakening LOVE and renewed Feminine WISDOM is reverberating all around the globe now. On Tuedsay 10th the Heart of the Scorpion was called back to full pulsating LIFE - the PROTECTOR of the Divine Feminine Energy has resumed work and is now fully intact again.

You see the DIVINE FEMININE CUP of LOVE in the Southern Hemisphere of the World and the 8 pointed Star, the Divine Masculine Source of LIGHT, in the Northern Hemisphere.


For those in the Southern Hemisphere...

This is the darkest time of the annual cycle. It is the time of going deep within to confront your deepest truth which may catalyze a death of some past pattern or situation which you've now outgrown. The ego may run from this by offering you distractions so if dark thoughts & emotions surface allow yourself to acknowledge & feel them as it is only through expressing our feelings that we confront the truth & make the shift. This is the most deeply yin (sacred feminine) time when we meet with the deep wisdom & sacred knowledge of our inner wise woman. Regardless of our physical gender. She may come in the form of the hag, as we don't have the energy to put on appearances or the inclination. Embrace her, for she holds the understanding that will gift you immortal beauty & grace. So if you feel like going to ground, gestating & conserving what energy you have, do not judge yourself for feeling this way. It is natural. We are cyclic just as all of life is. Our annual descent into the shadowlands of our psyche is what matures us.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere...

This is the lightest time of the annual cycle. it is the time of daring to share all your creative thoughts, gifts & manifestations with the greater good. You may feel timid if your Divine inner spark has not been affirmed enough in the past by those you looked to as authority figures. It takes courage to share our light, especially when those who have not seen their own Divine essence will judge you for daring to expose yours. This is not a reason to hide under a bushel, merely a reminder to surround yourself with dream-holders, those who see & affirm your greatest potential & cheer you on for daring to pursue it. Be discerning about who you unveil your gifts too, trusting that when you have seen enough of your light no criticisms will cast a shadow across it. This is the time of the Solar Logos, the sacred masculine who saves the world, expressed through each of us by sharing his strengths to uplift all of humanity
At the time of the Equinox the Earthern Masculine Energies will RISE up in the Northern hemisphere to be met and healed by the DIVINE Masculine LIGHT from ABOVE.

And the Earthern Feminine Energies will likewise RISE to the surface in the Southern hemisphere of the world to be met and healed by the DIVINE Feminine LOVE from SOURCE.

Thus, I ask all who live NORTH from the equator to focus on the healing of MASCULINITY - whether you are a man or a woman - and thus on establishing contact with the elements of WIND (AFRICA) and FIRE (Europe - electromagnetic energy). May the Rainbow Light touch our hearts and souls and re-UNITE Europe and Africa as well as North-, Central- and Southamerica!

Envision a Lingham of LIGHT planted in the Cup of LOVE.

And all who live SOUTH from the equator: Please let your Feminine LOVE, COMPASSION ans WISDOM surface to be met by the Divine Feminine Inspiration of the MOTHER Earth Goddess as the LIGHT returns to your lands, no matter what gender you belong to! EARTH and WATER are HER elements. May the Cup of LOVE be filled to the BRIM!

And see the Pillar of LIGHT from the Northern Hemisphere slowly touch ground in CUP of LOVE, Empowering the SACRED Goddess HEART!

May all the names of the Goddess be WASHED CLEAN from ancient and recent abuse!

May all the names of God become known again for what they are: names of the ONE!






Sonja Myriel RAouine

PS: SHARING this message in its entirety is highly appreciated. May we JOIN together as ONE!

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