vrijdag 24 januari 2014


To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root ~ Chinese Proverb
For too long the world has forgotten the old ways, they have ignored who they are and have forgotten to remember the universal principles shared by their ancestors. These teachings while lost to most of the population have been guarded for eons by those who have sworn to protect it and encode it for the awakened humans, and the awakened humans who have come with the ability to “wake up” to “remember” and have eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR, remember the signs and share their knowledge with other fellow humans who have forgotten it and so the light lives on despite attempts to conceal it. Through this collective effort they illuminate others by reminding them that they are still connected to that grand intelligence that lives within all things above and below.
Like the journey, the signs are different for everybody, the way in which the universal intelligence communicates with us is different, but father/motherGod(dess) is always open for communication, always there to listen to ones own needs, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you (go within and you will find your path, ask for the truth and it will be shown to you), it’s as easy as remembering that there are no borders or boundaries between you and divinity. That is the purpose of this website and in the information contained within. To bring back the old ways and to reconnect humanity with their divinity, so that others may learn to recognize the subtle and not so subtle ways father/mother God(dess) communicates with us and nudges us in the right direction, the path towards self discovery and personal truth.
Not everyone will understand nor accept the information on this website, however I hope at least some will understand the message. It is a message of celestial inspiration and guidance but more then a message it is a call to no longer deny the inner voice and the universal energies that speak to us through destiny, to recognize truth within, and to deny ignorance. The goal is to enlighten those who cross the path of this website, the information contained here is my own personal truth, it does not at all reflect THE truth, the purpose of the information on this site is to offer an alternative explanation, a fresh perspective of the past. But the key is to never stop searching for the truth, for it lies within you and the best way to know thyself is to continue questioning yourself.

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