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Letting go of “ordinary” in the New Earth

Letting go of “ordinary” in the New Earth
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As the energies begin to expand and to find balance before again expanding and deepening it is vital to understand that your life in this your human form is changing moment to moment. Life in the old 3d earth paradigms was TAUGHT as continual and “ordinary”, that is you were taught to EXPECT a day to unfold in a certain pattern, you were encouraged to really anchor this pattern and to work to keep it in place AT ALL TIMES. As many of you are now experiencing this is NOT supported in the New Earth at any level, so a day may be experienced in a variety of ways at ALL moments. For those of you who have found some sort of SOLACE in the routine of a “typical” day the past few linear days may have triggered you in surprising ways. The more that you try to hold on to “routine” and “typical” the more OUT of balance you may FEEL and this of course will then confuse the human logical mind. For it may be trying to teach you that you need only find the “new” pattern to your life experience and you will feel the sense of “familiar” again. This is distortion and works AGAINST the very process that is unfolding at this moment through you, around you and within you.
To begin with it may be very disconcerting indeed to wake up and feel very disconnected to the world around you, to find that the patterns that you may have spent most of your life working within are no longer there and if they are and you try to connect you find them just out of reach.  I have blogged before about the old 3d earth and its NEED to have you in a certain place and bandwidth in order to control your fear reactions. In the old 3d earth paradigms you are TAUGHT that humans FEAR change and this is highly distorted.  It is simply that you have been TAUGHT to FEAR, change is part of the process of living on this planet.
Take  a moment to think where you were in your human life experience this time last year and then notice how much has changed and shifted. This is what you filtered out moment to moment for you will filter out ALL that does not correspond to how you interpret the world around you at this moment. The human logical mind is always playing catch up in this scenario and this confuses it greatly. What you are in essence doing is aligning change with the NOW moment, enabling yourself to experience the NOW AND reference it all in the same moment.  This cannot be done in a linear context and still running the linear frequencies so your SOUL at this time will be creating various scenarios that seek to push you out of your perceived comfort zones and routines.
You only have to look at children, especially very young children to see this process in FLOW. For children ADAPT, it is not because they are children so much as they have less experience of HAVING TO NOT ADAPT.  So the teaching that “children are resilient and can cope” is highly distorted. To a child especially a younger child the life experience is movement, it is getting up in the morning without a thought as to what will occur in the linear tomorrow. These concepts are TAUGHT and anchored into children as they grow and certainly as they enter formal education that seeks to TEACH even more routines and anchor “familiar” to them in order that they detach completely from the FLOW of life.
How much you have detached will be shown to you during this PERFECT STORM for the universe and YOUr SOUL is now asking you to come into balance with LIFE, that is not life as you perceive it through your human logical mind but the DESIGN of your life as overseen by your SOUL. The more that you try to hold on to what you perceive is the bigger picture the more you will be out of balance.  If you do not TRUST SELF then you cannot create and manifest in the New Earth for TRUST is a vital component of manifestation as is responsibility. At this time you may be going through some very deep lessons in both.
How many people around you in your outer waking world are attempting to instill the FEAR frequency back into you? how often do you get reminded how terrible the world is and why you must worry about something? how often do people around you SUPPORT you BEing, not trying to pull you out of balance but supporting your outlook? this will give you some measure of where you are in relation to the New Earth energies. At NO point in this your human life experience does WORRY every solve anything.  If you dont believe me then think to something that you were in angst about and that has now resolved, how did you worrying about it at the time help the situation? the answer is that it only lowered your frequency and elongated a process that may have been solved more rapidly by simply detaching and TRUSTing the process that you were within.
ALL is not as it appears on this planet at this time and this will begin to cause major chaos as the reference points now dissolve completely, the reference points that those within the old 3d earth paradigms NEED in order to anchor the old 3d earth. This will begin to display as mental health problems and anxiety disorders if it is not detached from. Guidance is clearly that letting go and allowing the logical mind to ADAPT to the change in the frequencies works to help anchor the New Earth, trying to anchor the old will result in total confusion. The eyes showing one world whilst the FEELing showing another, the two not matching up in any way for being out of balance sees you walk in two separate frequencies, remember you are an ENERGY + you are IN a human vehicle. The balance is matching the frequency of BOTH to, within and around each other.  Under the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT to allow the human vehicle to have control in its own ways. It will not readily give up that control unless you begin to work WITH it.
ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE, allowing flow is the key, to try to hold back the winds of change will see you in chaos and anxiety at a time where you are asked simply to allow life to unfold around you, through you and within you.

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