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Goddess, the Divine Feminine
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But Please don't Dance too Fast, Just Yet.....

by Celia Fenn

As a result of the articles I have written on the symptoms of the transition for Indigo-Crystal children and adults, I am often asked "When will this end?" and "What are the benefits?".
Well, No one really knows when it will end. And we are pretty sure that there will be all sorts of wonderful things to look forward to. But, again at this point no-one is really that certain as to where we are going. When I say to people that they will never go back to being what they were before, this tends to make them even more uncertain. So in this article I am going to outline one of the miracles that I see happening already, with people who are making the transition.
I call it "Dancing with the Goddess", because it has to do with the return of the Goddess energy, and the emergence of immense potential and creativity in us all.

The Return of the Goddess

We are seeing the return of the Goddess energy in many ways. The opening of the inter-dimensional portals that are connecting us once again to the Galactic Centre or the "Great Central Sun", is allowing for an influx of energy from the Divine Feminine or the Great Mother or the Queen of Heaven.
It is an energy that we have not felt on our planet for some time, and the transition symptoms that we are all feeling is evidence of our adjustment to this energy as it activates and energizes us in new ways.
It is ever so gently bringing us all back into balance with our Divine Inner Essence. We are once again learning to listen to out Intuition and our Inner Knowing, to allow the voice of the Higher Self to lead, and to allow the ego self to follow the lead of the Higher. But just as exciting is the emegence of Great Creativity. For this energy is the energy of Cosmic Creativity and Rebirth. It seeks to express itself, in us, as Creativity.

The Dance of Creativity

Many people, as they adjust to the flow of Alpha, Theta, and even Gamma waves through their consciousness, report being energized by waves of creativity.
They suddenly become creative and want to start making things, or painting, or writing, or even cleaning out the house and redecorating.
These are all ways in which this creativity may seek to express itself. And as this energy intensifies, we will all need to find creative outlets.

If you are not expressing your creativity in any way, then the energy will just build and build, and you will become either hyper-active or exhausted, or both.

This is why so many Indigo and Crystal children suffer from ADD. They are not given the creative outlets to express this immensely creative energy that pours through them.
So, it is important, if you are in transition, that you re-connect with your creativity. If you are not doing anything creative, start writing a journal and make it as creative as possible.
Take an Art Class, or a Dancing Class, or learn a Musical Instrument.
And live as creatively as you can.
All these activities will help to channel and ground this Creative Goddess Energy.
You will be dancing with the Goddess.

But Not Too Fast, Please........

Many people report becoming so intense about their creativity that they become almost compulsive.
This is also not good.
We must learn to regulate and balance this flow of energy, otherwise we will burn out or lose touch with reality, or both.
Remember, our bodies are still adjusting to this new flow of energy. So, when the Goddess does call you to dance, remember to do so with grace, and elegance.And above all, with balance. Stay Grounded.
And, have fun!!
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