woensdag 22 januari 2014

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Being In Peace

How can you know the peace of peace? By understanding the difference between being ‘at peace’ and ‘in peace’. Being at peace means that you are still and quiet, without motion or thought. But this goes against your human nature and it means you must work at ‘not doing’. It is the nature of the mind to think and it is the nature of the body to move and while you can stop their motion, it requires an effort to be ‘at peace’, which is a material interpretation of peace. This is a physical interaction with an energy, which is an imposition, rather than a flow.  There is a higher aspect of peace which involves flowing into the energy of peace and it is being ‘in peace’.
You are ‘in peace’ when you connect with life from your center, which is the light-filled Source at the center of your being. Since you are a light being in a physical body, and the nature of light is to be in the energy of peace, you may call it peace-ful, it goes against the nature of your spirit to be at rest as energy and light are always moving. To be ‘in peace’ is to embrace the energy of peace and to know that all is in divine order, all is well, and anything that it out of alignment with the flow of light and peace can be brought back into peace, when you stay connected with your center of peace and are ‘in peace’.
You are ‘at peace’ or in the physical space of peace when you focus on being instead of doing. Is that difficult for you to do, to stop the mind chatter, the busy-ness, the chaos and the noise you are surrounded by? If so, find your ‘in peace’ center, imagine it as a spark of bright light within you. It may be small or large, however you choose to imagine it. As you turn your attention inwards towards that light expand it outwards until it fills your energetic space, beyond your body as far as you wish to take it. As you surround yourself with that light, you are in peace.
This is how you connect to the stillness within you at all times, when you recognize that being ‘in peace’ is surrounding yourself with the energy of peace and being in its flow. Even in the midst of chaos, being in peace allows you to find the pathway to calm, and have clarity in the face of confusion.
From the energy of peace, all options can be considered, every possibility examined, all potential can connect with you because you are not blocking the flow of energy and motion by trying to be still to be in the stillness, and trying to stop moving to be at peace. And no matter how disruptive the energy around you is, your can create calmness in the chaos you become the observer from your peace-ful place.

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