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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center
The Real News and The Whole Truth

Sunshine555 "LOVE is birthing around the planet.  For the highest good, lets do this together and do this in our new NOW."

Greetings Love Beings, In our Last Update we shared the Energy from the entire Year of 2013 would climax In December and We were not kidding. Even for those unaware of what is unfolding are experiencing on some level this Energy, as its Affecting all life on Earth.  Grand WAVES OF LIGHT Await Us in the days and Weeks ahead. There is only Fast Forward Into Humanity's Destiny!The New Story is Beginning, Which is About All of US as ONE!  2014 – The Year of the Yang Wood Horse

On December 21st, 2007 We entered the Photon Belt and this December 21st, 2013 Archive for the 'Photon Belt' Category As per the Law of Rhythm, we have arrived at the very end of all cycles of Time. Our Milky Way galaxy has been spinning in a clockwise direction, away from its Creator, for an astounding five billion years. A clockwise spin increases density by adding electrons, whereas a counter-clockwise spin decreases density by removing electrons.
There has been a continual Battle for Freedom in this galaxy because it has not been spinning toward its source. But it has now established a new rotation, one that matches energies that are currently being instilled within its core. 
We Complete a Cycle or end of an era which is Moving Planet Earth and All on Her Into the Golden Age, which Means Unity Consciousness. This is Moving us Directly Into The Galactic Center. As this Occurs Prepare for everythingChanging and changing FAST! We Are Going Directly Into the Center of the Unknown. We are Currently Moving Very Quickly In the Photon Belt and Picking up speed as the Sun Completes the Pole Reversal. What was upside down is now Becoming Right Side Up. Love Comes Pouring IN and Love Changes Everything. 27/1 Added by AS 2012 ~ A Shift Into The Higher Dimension 
Between 2012 and 2017 our solar system will enter fully through the photon belt and it will be very dramatic for everyone. It's possible that the fallen ones may react very badly by doing bizarre things that may cause chaos. The photon belt will enable the planet to repair itself, and will create a new energy source that will enable the world to easily abandon the fossil fueled industrial age. The Elites will be unable to suppress the free use of this NEW ENERGY.

The photon belt is linked to the 'convergence' which is the end of the stellar activation cycle and it is what causes the photon belt. The stellar activation cycle will impose Earth changes. The Star Gates are openning to assist in the stellar alignment. The stellar activation is when our solar system lines up with the higher frequency bands of Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, and Andromeda. It's like a band of electromagnetic circles within circles and when theses circles align they will create a powerful frequency current, hence the convergence. That is when Earth will be in stellar alignment, it will divide into 5D parallel Earth. Also the convergence is when the barriers around our cells and DNA will be removed by the higher frequencies, making them more reactive and our DNA will once again have the ability to increase its capacity to 12 active strands in one lifetime. When we speak of the second coming of Christ, it means we will be returning back to the vibration of God Source, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine; Christ Consciousness.

The individuals who are compatible with the new frequencies will enter 5D Earth, and the others with the frequency incompatibility will stay in 3D Earth.

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.”
Revelations 21:1

Quoted from NancyB. Detweiler "......2013 has been a momentous year!   December 2012 marked the conclusion of an evolutionary cycle of approximately 26,000years.  2013 has been a year in which we have seen much chaos pouring forth, just as the pus must flow forth from a boil in order to allow healing to take place.   Our planet is preparing for newness of life within a Golden Age. In order to understand what is truly taking place, we must recognize that heretofore our concept of the world has been extremely limited.   Our worldview has consisted of a miniscule portion of Mother/Father God’s immense and on-going Creation.  Our concept of God has been much too small.   Now, it is time to open our minds and hearts to an expanded knowledge of God and all of Creation.....We have now reached the stage at which the remaining strands of our DNA are being activated.  We are on the verge of taking a huge leap forward in our conscious awareness.....The 100th Monkey effect, the Evolution of consciousn...
Previously, we have been content to listen to the authorities and accept what they told us as the truth.  As we grow in conscious awareness, we are beginning to sense that things are not as we have been taught.  Mother/Father God’s creation is far, far, far beyond what the authorities have told us.  So far beyond what using only 10% of our brain power can comprehend that as 2013 comes to a close and we enter 2014, our minds will be blown. 2014 : RECONNECTING WITH NATURE AND THE SPIRIT OF THE FOREST......
Masters, the Aquarian Shift of 2013 has been triggered by the solar radiation of your planet. The planet is being orbited by streams on anionic plasma from solar winds. The ionic ratio has shifted such that many pockets on the planet contain standing pools of anionic charge.
Because we have so much to learn, it will be most beneficial to us if we do not cling to the past or to the old beliefs about our world.  The New Earth—with our help—will be returned to its original pristine Garden of Eden state.  The New Heaven will be glorious beyond our capacity to imagine....

Much of the New Earth and the New Heaven vibrates at such a high speed that only a relatively few can presently see or feel it.  Those who have achieved a level of conscious awareness that allows them to perceive the higher dimensions of reality often share what they behold with those who are open and willing to listen.  They tell us of a vast cosmos filled with life.  Planets are living beings with a soul.  GAIA is the soul name of EARTH.
Millions of planets are inhabited—many with humanoid beings; many with other forms of intelligent beings.  We call these beings our Galactic Family because we, too, are Star beings.  Many of our Star Brothers and Sisters are extremely advanced—millions of years ahead of Earth Humans—intellectually, spiritually, and technologically.  Still, we, as Earth Humans, are a vital part of the entire cosmic family—all live and move and have our being within the energy of Mother/Father God’s unconditional love.  You and I are One (United) with All That Is.  This fact has simply been hidden from us for thousands of years.

Mother/Father God is Love and nothing but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE far beyond our ability to comprehend.  This level of unconditional Love cannot judge, punish, or condone violence of any type.  Divine, Unconditional Love beholds only Love!....
In December 2012, Gaia (the soul of Earth) managed to break loose from the 3rd dimension and entrench her roots within the 5th dimension, where no suffering can take place and all live within the energy of Love.  During the year of 2013, Earth has given its human inhabitants the opportunity to become aware of higher levels of Love and to learn to be expressions of that Love.  For that reason, we are seeing tremendous upheaval as the negativity foisted upon Earth by human actions to the point of almost destroying our planet flows forth in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather conditions. Earth changes

Earth is cleansing itself in preparation to ascend to a dimension of Unconditional Love.  Likewise, Earth humans are feeling intense energies urging them forward in their conscious evolution.  Sadly, many do not understand and react violently. The Divine Plan is that all violence will cease as the Love energy grows ever more intense on our planet.  Love is the most powerful force in the Cosmos! You may have noticed this difference in energy … People are waking up to the truth that they want no more war, no more bullying, no more violence.  Instead they are creating avenues for expressing love for each other.Unconditional Love is the quality of a Christed Consciousness. As we celebrate the coming of Jesus to show us the Way back to Love, may we open our hearts and minds to an expanded knowledge of Mother/Father God and the magnitude of our ONE FAMILY OF GOD!" End of Quote

Sunspot AR1916 has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. So far, however, the active region is quiet. Credit: SDO/HMI
 "...The photo proclaims “ALL OF US” with people holding signs that identify different members of the community; and proclaims “THIS IS OUR MOMENT.”......We are moving toward becoming a movement of movements that cannot be ignored because more people are coming to the realization that our individual struggles are ALL CONNECTED to a larger struggle and that we have more strength when we act together rather than alone.

As the unity shown in that photograph becomes a reality, we will succeed in creating the kind of solidarity that will make this era “OUR MOMENT.”

Quoted from Veronicas Keen...."You are waking up. The doors are opening wide to a future that, until now, you never expected to have. The future is yours. Grasp it with both hands. Go with the flow towards it. Leave everything negative behind you, it is not worth a moment of your time. Welcome the ENERGY that you will release when you all come together in peace and harmony. This is the last hurdle you face. You now have all the information you need to make the necessary changes. You are almost there...."

WOW! We are almost beyond words as to the intensity of the energy we have now reached. This increases the powers who were's desperation and has triggered some deep cleansing for everyone as we prepare for Intense waves of Light. We also Have waves Upon waves of New Awakenee's, which continue's To Light Up THE GRID. Awakenings on All Levels are Unfolding, this is a Great Victory for the Light and Great Momentum Has Resulted. This is preparing Us for Some Intense Days Of Energetic Events Up ahead. All of This begins on December 12th Forward for the Entire Month! ENJOY THE RIDE EVERYONE and there are No Seat Belts.

Quoted from COBRA"...The purification process starts now, among the most advanced souls on the planet, and after the event, the purification process will go, will actually spread throughout humanity because, every human being on this planet has some toxic emotions, toxic mind, toxic ideas and toxic bodies, and all this needs TO BE HEALED, for us to receive the light that’s coming from the Galactic Central Sun, and even for us as a species to survive the coming changes. So everybody on the planet will go through that process one way or the other...... And, the rest of the population will also need to go through a purification process, to be ready to accept the higher vibrational frequency that will be made from the Galactic CENTRAL SUN, quite soon.....

About the Last PORTAL Accomplishment ...." a few hours after we have opened the Aion portal, the agreement .... with Iran was made. So, actually from the higher planes, those people were guided to make an agreement, as a result of the energies that came. And, it was not possible to create such an agreement for years, and years and years before that, it was just a combination of the energies of the Aion portal that made that possible. So I would say, yes, we made a difference in many situations on the planet.., but this is just the first part of the story, so this is the old, the old strategy.. the old strategy was just to.. putting out the fires that, the cabal lit. So they, made a plan, they promoted it, and then the Light forces responded, and prevented it. From now on it will be different. We will.. trigger action. First. This is the new plan, this is the new strategy. And.. for that strategy to be efficient, we have to clear, the nonphysical planes first to a certain degree. So now, there are certain groups also on the physical plane, and I hope, I sincerely hope they will follow.., the instructions they receive from inside, and begin to cooperate a little bit more. And if that happens, we can create, very powerful statements on the planetary scale." END OF QUOTE

In Our Previous Update we shared about some important Energetic Portals and now what is unfolding is way more then just that. This All begins on 12~12 with the Portal opening for the Activation of the LIGHT BODY. This day ignites a Series of Powerful days leading up to the Most Light this Planet Has Ever Seen Before. From the 12th Forward until the 25th Of December and then even through until January, a Series of Events will be unfolding which will be an Acceleration of Light Energy. Currently, We are in the Process of deep core issues of not only ourselves but the collective as well, as We Prepare for the Most Grandest Wave Of Light To Ever Hit this Planet. This has been a collective effort including all of Yourselves and of Many Beings from Throughout Creation who are here with You Now and have been for Billions of Years, Humanity's Family.

Quoted from Elizabeth Ayres Escher...."For those of you, like our channel, who have lived at the edges of society, reticent in revealing the entire range of what they are able to perceive because it was so different than the mass consciousness, will step out and into the light, as forerunners for the rest of humanity.  They do not seek to have followers, but there will be those who are intuitively drawn to their light, which we now bid them to hold high, like lighthouses and beacons, for their families, friends and neighbors.

We come to these forerunners so that they might truly understand that although they may still be progressing into the higher frequencies, they do not stand alone, but are assisted every step of the way should they so desire.  And it is this sense of personal sovereignty that we need to impress on each and every one of you who reads these words.
You are a light being.  You are energy.  You are special and unique.  You are loved and held in high regard throughout the Universe, for many races have watched the struggles of planet earth and that of her peoples.  And many have sent their finest in a bid to aid the ascension process of the planet and her children.  
You are now feeling and beginning to see the outplaying of the Shift, in the growing chaos on the planet, in the reversal of the magnetics of your sun, Solaris, in the changes in climate and institutions.  All that once seemed unchangeable is now in a state of extreme flux.  So it is during the transition from one age to another, but this time it is quite different, for it is a transition out of captivity and into freedom.  You are now in the process of reconnecting with the greater part of your Self, that part that was cut off from humanity when you descended into 3D.  The gateways and star portals have been reopened; the connection with your star families and dimensions of origin has now commenced.  We welcome you Home. Namaste: We bow to the divinity within all, as part of the ALL THAT IS, which is what you are in Truth."  The Sirians: We Welcome You Home!
Cabeiri – Galactic Brother Cobra About the Portal Opening Of December 21st .....Okay, what we are activating are actually portals in space and time, these are moments, when the light can come through, human conduits, and when-if it reach a critical mass, that light gets spread throughout the planetary light grid, and, this planetary light grid actually changes the situation on the etheric plane and removes a great percentage of the archon [ Minions] network, every time we activate a portal, a great percentage of that network is being removed forever. And we will just keep on doing this until all of them are gone."

Quoted from Lisa Gawlas...."Today we stand in the most massive infusement of energy, of light, our evolving biology has ever known (at least the planet earth biology.)  We are 11 days out from December 21st, and 11 days out from the 21st until January 1st.  All of our prep work is done.  The in-breath and out-breath of super cellular ascension is fully underway and cannot and will not be halted.  If we can look at this tremendous moment beyond the scope of the human to include the cellular structure of All life conjoining as one massive structure of living light.

The doors of graduation have swung open.  A complete infusion of brand new spiritual blueprints are encoding to every human who allowed themselves the cellular change of completion.  And already, the groundwork for what is to come, has been laid.We will enter the most intense orientation period with the approaching first quarter of 2014.  A time when the winds of three intense energetics will flow and weave as one.  In a way we can understand this is like living January thru March all at once.  A trinity of light weavers, of absolute change from the highest of the multiverse’s to the densest (vibrationally speaking.)  A true living organism of Light...." The Living Blueprints of Light~ You

Quoted from Shanta Gabriel...."Through the Grace of the ever-living Divine Presence within you, a portal opens on December 12offering a new initiation into Light. As the vibrational frequency of the 12:12 resonates, your Merkabic field is activated. The MerKaBa is a vehicle for your ascension as a Light Being in human form. The magnificent sacred geometry of the Star Tetrahedron will be activated around you by the codes at the12:12 portal. This Star Tetrahedron will create a powerfully-shining starry shield of Light that holds the resonance of your Soul’s Divine Blueprint. The building of your MerKaBa will be completed on the Solstice,December 21, 2013. Throughout those 9 magical days, an increasing resonant frequency will be present in your energy systems. 
You will feel moments of Brightness and Clarity, as if your very cells are radiating Light, and this indeed will be the Truth. Your MerKaBa (Mer – Light, Ka – Spirit, Ba – Body) contains the new structure for your awakened consciousness. It allows your light body to empower your physical life so you can thrive as a fully blended Divine Human during this New World Awakening. Your Merkabic field holds the Divine Blueprint for your Soul’s Highest Destiny.
As you create this new structure within the matrix of your being, you are opening new pathways for fulfillment of this destiny. Throughout the recent years, the 12:12activations have anchored new structures into your energy systems. The initiation that took place on 12/12/2011 brought the deep connection to Unity Consciousness through Christed Light. The 12/12/12 activation created the new 12-strands of DNA within your cells and opened the way for the 12-Chakra system.

This year the 12:12activation builds on those powerful connections and brings forth a new level of empowerment for all those who are awakening in this expansive time. The potential of this new initiation into your Light Body vehicle allows you to align with the most authentic, eternal Divine Self within your physical being, so becoming the HomoLuminus - a Divine being of Light in human form.
Artwork By © 2013 Essence Ka tha’rasShambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round

There are many who have spoken of this MerKaBa over the years and it would be good to educate yourself. Essentially, this is an empowered structure of interlocking tetrahedrons that anchors perfect balance as they meet at the Still-point between your solar plexus and heart.
The Star Tetrahedron connects all aspects of your being in perfect Divine Union. Activation of the Codes In the moment of time demonstrated by the clock at 12:12 all over the planet, alignment begins within the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness as a state of being. If you could only see from the Angelic viewpoint, it would appear that humans are acting as lightening rods when they receive this immense download of golden Christed Light and ground it into the Earth.

When there is no resistance, you open to this Grace-filled presence and spark the Divinity in every cell of your being. You are encouraged to take 12 minutes at the 12:12 hour on the day of December 12 to bring conscious awareness to that powerful activity of Divine Light and allow it to work within you in a state of Oneness with All That Is....." End of quote
Cobra"....There are drastic changes happening behind the scenes....."
Decreed by Heaven, Much is....  To Read this Entire Exciting Update You can Follow this Link:

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