dinsdag 21 januari 2014

Be Happy In Life


How to be happy in life. Happiness is the 
ultimate goal of life, but are we really happy?
Have you ever wondered how to be happy in life? Well, it can be really hard to define how to be happy as people seek happiness in different things and the term ‘happiness’ may have altogether different meanings for each one of us. However, the real meaning of happiness is ‘inner happiness’. Here is some advice that can help you cultivate inner happiness and give an answer to the million dollar question- How to be happy in life?

1. Discover happiness in simple living:
When we talk about simple living, it does not necessarily mean living an austere life. We cannot imagine our lives with material comforts, nor is it necessary to give up all comforts to make life simple. Wealth does contribute to happiness, does it not? However, life need not be so complicated. We need not engage ourselves in the blind pursuit of material wealth. We can seek happiness in simple things of life. If you are always trying to achieve complicated goals, you lose the essence of living a simple life. We should seek happiness in the present moment and not in the future. Contentment is the key to happiness.

2. Stay away from negative thoughts:
Thinking positively inspires us to see the brighter side of life and deal with life’s challenges in a better way. One needs to cultivate positive thoughts to gain control over negative ones. We should not allow negative thoughts to take control of our mind. It needs some 
practice, however, when we learn to control negative thoughts, we can change our 
overall approach to life. Optimism contributes to happiness and teaches us how to be 
happy in life by accepting life challenges with a new perspective.

3. Count your blessings:
Appreciating life and the people around us and being thankful for what we have helps 
us to stay happy in life. We need to believe in the nature’s wisdom and accept its gifts without being judgemental. Gratitude and acceptance helps us to gain a positive attitude towards life. People who are always complaining attract negativity. Neither do they stay happy themselves nor do they spread positivity amongst others.

4. Love yourself:
Love yourself and others will love you too. Loving yourself does not just mean taking 
care of your body, but also loving your soul. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and feed your soul with happy thoughts and raising your consciousness. As you achieve both physical and emotional wellbeing, your overall health contributes to happiness and prosperity.

5. Connect to your inner-guidance:

To attain true happiness, we need to go back to our  natural blueprint. We were not born with worries. However, as we start accepting a conditional materialistic life, we lose the connection without inner guidance system and ultimate connection to the Vital life Force/Universal Intelligence. As this happens we start struggling with the complexities of life. We wonder how to be happy in life, but are not able to find an answer to this. Consumed with worries and thoughts about the materialistic world we forget about the natural wisdom of nature. We lose our connection to our spirit and soul and through this we stay unhappy. As such it is very important to stay connected to our mind and soul.

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