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Celebration of Life – SaLuSa 19 Jan 2014 – by Multidimensional Ocean | Multidimensional Ocean


light-green-vector-flowers-abstract-backgrounds-free-background-hdDear ones, we come again with an update for you on behalf of the Galactic Federation.
Today let us speak of one or two topics that are dear to our hearts. The first topic concerns the rigidity of the world that you live on. As members and representatives of the Galactic Federation, we are proud to see you do your duty on a daily basis. A duty of love of all that is, and a duty of creation of love all around you.
Once again, we wish to congratulate you on your endeavours on planet Earth. You have been selected with the greatest care for a mission of the upmost importance, as you are well aware of.
The planet where you are currently living on is subjects to many rules, many habits, and many laws. We have always found that aspect of the planet’s society one of the biggest plagues that is. Grammar rules, spelling rules, mathematical rules, society rules, laws, work legislation, police and political procedures, etc. All of these contribute in breaking down your soul on a daily basis and are designed to take your power away from you. You can all surely sense the truth in that fact.
These are also designed to prevent you from being and living in the present moment, of being free to create as you wish and like, and most of all these are designed to stop you from thinking, from making decisions of your own. You are just conditioned, no matter what your position, to just follow the procedure, no matter if the procedure is correct or not, no matter if the procedure can be applied to the current situation or not. We deplore very much this rigidity and inflexibility in all matters on all the planets of your world.
We encourage you to leave from time to time the beaten path, the safe route and the procedure, at least when it comes to your personal life and routine. Do something fun every day, do something a little endearing every day, do something inspiring and creative every day, and listen to your heart every day, dear ones.
We also wanted to encourage you to acknowledge the fact that you can only point others in the right direction, but you can never do anything in their stead, dear ones. Point in the right direction, and after that you must let go, for your friends to follow their own path and fee will.
Many among you have much, much knowledge, dear ones. Many of you are walking and awake, and conscious beings on the planet. Acknowledge the fact that you can not push or drag others behind you into the higher planes of existence. That is a journey that each and everyone of you must decide to undertake and experience for herself or himself, when she or he is ready. The universe has a perfect timing, dear ones, no need to rush anything before the right time comes.
Many of you are very open to the other dimensions, but also to the living beings in your daily life. This includes animals, as well. Human beings, as well as animal beings live on many levels at once. You must strive to expand your awareness of others and other life forms ways of communicating, and that does not only include speak, reading and writing.
Much information passes through the body and the body language. The body language also works to receive information from the higher realms. The body is a huge antenna that receives messages from the cosmos, from the universe, from Higher Self and from others’ higher self.

Too often we see how humans are closed off to their environment, and rely too much on verbal or written communication. Open your spirit and body vertically and receive the nourishment necessary for your soul and for the development of your being. Inhale the sacred breath of life, experience the wonder of the universe entering your lungs, your body. Experience the miracle of life every minute and you will be shown the door into the light that lives within each and every moment.
All life needs love and respect and that is the highest and the best communication of all. There is no need for too much information; there is no need to do much or to run around all day getting busy.
The miracle of creation is in every moment and you can all experience it in time with an open heart.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I wish you all a wonderful walk in the path to the eternal light.
Thank you, SaLuSa

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean
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