donderdag 23 januari 2014

You can not percieve the vibration of something that you don't already contain within you. First, you have to be on a certain Sound Wave Length (Frequency) with that thing that you want.
You have to be so in love with that thing that you desire that you live and move and breathe the frequency of that  thing. You desire it with the same passion that you do your most loved husband or children, or for you younger group, the movie star or music star that you are presently swooning over.
Many people find their true love with this same manifest principle. There is an imaginary person
within you that you are searching for your entire life, because you are so passionate, so in love
with that idea, that one day, that person appears in your reality.
This is the same principle that all manifestations are created through.
Those who have a passion and love for money usually dwell on the frequency of how happy
the money makes them feel. They are in the frequency of the money because that is the idea
that is motivating them. But they are also in the frequency of happiness.
What is missing from this formula is the frequency of GRATITUDE.
There is a Great Entity of Gratitude who seeks to express nothing but Gratitude.
Once we come to the place where we become Gratitude, we know that we can just Know.
We can just give gratitude to God for already creating whatever it is that is desired. Because,
in reality, that is what God does every second of your life.
Most of us have not arrived in the state of Complete Appreciation and Gratitude.
I remember most of the time; but, sometimes I forget to Let Go and Let God. But,
it is an absolute Frequency of Gratitude that is Required. The Frequency of Gratitude
is the Frequency of God. It is the Frequency of All that Is. It is the Frequency
of being within the Full Spectrum of Light, where infinite possibilities exist on
the movie reel.

So, until we reach the State of Gratitude for knowing that we already have everything that
 our hearts desire, we are still going through the Process of Experiencing the Process of
getting to the State of Gratitude.Sometimes when we fall in love with someone or something,
we realize that the person or thing wasn't really what we wanted at all. That is because our
 frequencies are always changing. That is why it is wise for those who are young, in high school,
and still exploring infinite possibilities, to not get married. Those who are in high school are in love
with a certain frequency of that reality. They are in love with popularity, having fun with the crowd,
enjoying each other's company. But that haven't gone through the Process of Manifesting
their true Love.This same truth holds true for all stages of life. We are always in a process
of manifestation. We are always manifesting something. We change our manifestation by
changing our frequencies. When we raise our frequencies into the full spectrum of light and
sound by using the Frequency Specific Eternal Life Albums or Ascension Albums, we are
 tuning into to an infinite amount of parallel realities.

Whatever you keep your mind focused on, you are sending that frequency out into
the Universe. Your molecules are being forming into a new you: the more you keep
your mind focused on this new reality that you are so in love with that you are grateful,
and blissful and joyful and continuously knowing that it is already yours. I am fabulously
wealthy. I am perfectly healthy. I am the greatest musician. And to take this one step higher,
 we can also know that God is already fabulously wealthy. God is already perfectly healthy,
God is already the greatest musician. God already graduated. And I am the image
and likeness of God.

When we truly know that we are everything that God is. That All That Is includes all that we are. We only need to become Gratitude itself.

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