maandag 20 januari 2014

In this time of high excitment and most wonderful joy. Having the priveledge to see before us the divine changes occuring before our eyes. Also noticing more and more the changes going on with in us as we struggle with the many difficulties of our own personal acsnetion process. On this beautiful journey Awaits many obsticles and blockaids that we must encounter understand and objectify the lesson in which we are being shown. All of us growing and blooming into the majestic and holy flowers of light.  Resting at the very core of our nature. Coming into alignment and recognizing our great potentials as creator being's on this planet at this time. This is not only an exciting time but a time to remain steadfast among the static. To be an immovable stone in the raging seas of humanity. Who has not yet awoken and those who will simply deny themselves in ignorance, into even more life times of lessons in similar low realm existences. This however is not your path at this time. You are here because you are being called from the highest of pure sources.
From the Deepest reaches of space and time traveling from the most cavournous depths of Gods infinite belly. Have emerged Our true garudians and equals in love. Holding a most sacred dicree given by the immense love of Prime creator/Source/God/Toa whatever you personalise with is fine. truly I say This grand majestic and indiscribable beauty with all his limitless unending power and glory Could never be parelleled with words.  No name could truely justify the honor. 

However All at this time are being offered a grand dicree as a universal citizen of the most holy and divine. A banding together and unifying of energies. A harmonious merger into new higher realms that we are currently existing in. Yes my dear friends we are already in the grand garden itself. only we are not yet fully aware. Understanding our true power and nature takes a great deal of knowledge and wisdom and down right application. Yes thats right "trial and error" Success and failure alike all hold equally valuable lessons of wisdom.  At our own pace we obsorb information and understand it each lesson or class. Always remember the key is application.  Sometimes application can be our biggest stumbling block. It is easy to hear and conceptualize but the true understanding and wisdom comes from actual experience. The experience is what makes it real for us.  I must add Maintaining a meditative state as consistently as possible through out the day will indeed speed up the pace in which you pass through lessons or ascention.  But we are currently  Like babies waking up, Slowly opening our eyes to find ourselves in the kingdom of our father. All of us reaching out in our own way. As this beautiful portrait unfolds with each brush stroke of our grandest master.  Never the less this time is cause for major upheaval of many imperfect systems that are un-naturally in place. This is a grand healing.  As his song of love decscends from the heavens sweeping away the imperfections and refining everything to its origenal and perfect state. This is a most awe-inspiriing time in which to be a waking up. 

In this life at this time. You were all chosen because of your supreme abilities in love. And You have proven to shine among the deepest shadows. Iluminating the darkness and bringing hope to the weary. In this next year as Mother Gaia makes her rise into the grand potential of her beauty and love. The Vibration in which she omites with be amplifies and intensified. That warm tingle you feel through out your body. That deep contentment in your heart. That silent subtle joy you are aware of even in the midst of turmoil and confusion. The intensified buzzing in your ears day in and out.  This is the product of our Beautiful mother giving birth to her new self.  Here now we are the spectical of all the universe as they anticipate welcoming their newborn brothers and sisters into the kingdom of perfection we now find ourselves in.  At this time As Gaia Raises her frequency and the gap between the lower and higher frequency realms widens.
You will begin to experience Thought provolked negative emotions pulling you into the lower realms begin to become physically painful. You may experience aganising.  Negative thoughts and emotions will be cause great physical discomfort. More than ever before. But do not worry Dear ones, all will earn this wonderful prize in eventuality. And not one will be left in the wake. All will accomplish this grand acsention. However I do stress that some of the routs that we take are far more painful. It may come to be your experience that some around you can not break free from ingnorance.  If one is consistently drawn into the lower realms of frequency and is not disiplined they will suffer greatly in their biology. Prolonged neglegence may also cause some to be overcome physically and demise in relitively short periods of time. My warth and love I send to those of you who are experiencing this source of pain and suffering. Take heed and have blissfull joy in your heart for even those who parish in this life will have deliverence. And be born into new perfect bodies upon the face of Gaia. I can see her now shining like a precious gem in the vast ocean of space. 

For those of us who are passing through this transition in their current form there is still more crutial directions to take. A dear friend of mine Izabella Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  put it in perfect context. I will paraphrase that we must be in loving acceptance to all aspects of ourselves showing unconditional love to emotions of fear and thoughts of negativity.  They have a place in the balance of understanding. Just as light can not know itself with out darkness. these ying and yang are eternally set with unbreakable foundations. However their existence does not need to mingle. 
Using unconditional love and acceptance will allow you to experience lower vibrational realms of emotion in a more tolerable way. The parellel of putting a warm blanket over your cold body. In this New year of 2014 these shifts into ascention will begin to intensify. At this time it is also of sound widsom to Focus on Self Love. Aim to make that your goal. As Humans we are Very used to looking out and giving love externally. This is a time for looking inward and giving that same love back to ourselves. I am stressing for the Focus of your next three days to geared in this direction. Intigrating the heart charka with the self and the body. Hold an overview of unconditional love And openly forgive any and all thoughts or undesired disturbances or changes of emotion.  Holding this overview of unconditional love and acceptance will help align the harmonics of your vibration to be in tune with Mother earth as we climb. I know this can all seem perhaps shocking and in some unconscience way there is an irreverence that comes with the unseen and the unforseen. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and scared by the sacred truth because of what it holds the immense power it posseses. To know you are given to have the power of God's. Jesus himself said "my people will come to preform even greater things than these."  And also " for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you".  These truths become difficult to accept as the result of years being intensly conditioning from the system you were born into. A world of misleading nations. So Ill have to leave this message to my dear friends, on this final Note.

Faith.  Hold true undeniable faith. Use for yourself this example. The love of a mother for there new born child. She holds her precious new born love in a warm embrace. And feels nothing but unconditional love and bliss for her young child. As a newborn we look up unaware of the enending deepth of her infinite perfect love for us. Lets just say with odds like that you can't lose. So yes Knowing you are loved that much "The Hitch Hikers Guide To Ascension. Don't panic." seems quite fitting now doesn't it.   Wink 

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