zondag 19 januari 2014


Stress Web Removal 3rd Session

Prepare for Atomic Mutation

14/11 A constant stream of super charged solar particles in the form of accelerated waveforms are now pulsing into the planet through our physical sun. Encoding Evolutionary Waveform MORPHOGENETIC FIELD IMPLOSION Wat wordt er bedoeld met de overgang naar de nieuwe aarde? MOTHER EARTH’s HEARTBEAT OF LOVE | That Cosmic Core of Earth is the reality field that we feel to be the Mother Earth or Gaia. Earth is in reality three fields of reality in one time matrix. Earth is dimensions 1,2,3. Tara is dimensions 4,5,6 and Gaia is dimensions 7,8,9. These fields of consciousness have been disconnected over the eons, and now they are being reconnected. Panache Desai: we are now in aVIBRATIONAL PARADIGM 

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