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New Life on a New Earth - Message From The Star Nations = By Judy Satory

= New Life on a New Earth - Message From The Star Nations = By Judy Satory

The process of Earth axis shift is ongoing. It is not complete on 21 December 2012. It is a gradual process of evolutionary change, which marks a new beginning for the Earth as it has now moved into a fifth dimensional (faster pulsating) energy environment and domain. Earth's axis shift affects the angle of torque or angle of Earth rotation. This alteration in Earth's angle of rotation also affects the electromagnetic entrainment between Earth and the Galactic Center, the energy programming center for our Milky Way Galaxy. The energy emanating from the Galactic Center codes for a consciousness and physical upgrade for both the Earth and for all life forms on Earth. This is allowing for New Life on a New Earth.
Judy Satori has been spiritually trained and physically prepared by the Elohim, the creator aspect of God and the higher dimensional Councils of Light as a spiritual teacher and energy healer working with sound. She speaks very fast frequencies of sound and light, 'Light Language' energy words, transmitted from the Elohim and others of the spiritual hierarchy that instill upgraded vibratory energy patterns into the cells and DNA template of the body. These energy patterns literally rewire the body energetically and recode the DNA, acting as a catalyst to create the physical and consciousness changes required for life on a fifth dimensional Earth.
Races such as the Pleiadians, Hathors, Sirians, the beings from some parts of Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda and Lyra were ‘Christed’ extraterrestrial races and worked within the 12 dimensions of the ‘lower worlds’ within this Milky Way galaxy for God and for good and that they were aligned with what is called the Law of One. There are also other extraterrestrial races that have other agendas, but your will and your love energy can create a barrier to their vibrations.
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