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Since December 2013, the earth entered in stages through which it can rid of the old 3rd Dimension, and will be completed in June 2014, where it will be completely ready to the ascension process on the physical level, and these stages divided into three stages, each stage complementary to the other: 
Phase 1:
From [Dec.13th 2013 - March 15th 2014] the change phase in the infrastructure of the energetic and chemical combination at the level of the elements for the components of the earth...

At earth level:
We have noticed big changes to the Global climate, and a lot of movements in the earth’s crust for large series of earthquakes and volcanoes in all parts of the ground, and a significant changes in the primary streams of the winds which in turn led to a change in the general situation of the oceans, as well as irregular or unexpected changes in the sun of flare & solar wind..
At the Global systems level:
We have seen that there are major changes, and huge conflicts in the infrastructure for each “political, economic, scientific, religious systems and others..”. It is true that many of these changes were not noticeable to many, as we said, because it is radical changes in infrastructure, but the talk about it and about its big results is available on the internet...
Phase 2:
From [March 16th 2014 to April 21st 2014] is a stage of the beginning of the removal to all the main pillars, which the old 3rd Dimension depends on...
At earth level:

after the completion of the infrastructure in the first phase, the events will escalate in order to remove all the main gatherings energy in the old 3rd  dimension, this means the beginning of the collapse of the Matrix and the quarantine that surrounded earth, and this will be through erasing all the effects of this energy in certain places on earth, and this will lead to return those areas to its origin state, and this will lead to great cracks in the veil, and then to its collapse..
This erase and removal process will be through a natural factors from earth in a ratio of 93% , and 7% to unnatural factors and extraordinary phenomena, which will leads to the disappearance of the landmarks of those places directly.
It will be globally witnessed and will not be hidden by scientists, because lots of vertical channels and portals will start opening from 16th of March 2014, and those portals and channels will not be visible to the eye, because it is energetic, and at the same time it is physical [except for those who have connections and visions with the higher realm will see it], and in returns ; there are lots of origin landmarks of the new 3rd dimension will become shown as a result of the beginning of the collapse of the veil, and this will cause a beginning of a series of disclosure announcements..
At the level of Global systems:
All the previous works on the infrastructure of the global systems will start showing in the beginning of this stage as real attempts to announce the new economic system, and unveil the secrets of an ancient civilizations, and official recognition of other civilizations, not because there is a desire to do that, but because after the collapse of the veil, there will be a big opportunity for real appearance and interference from other civilizations..
This stage will not be easy, because all what had happened in the previous stage were not visible, but in this stage it will be visible to the eye on the surface, and it will be a great, gradual and main change in all directions..
As for the event or what I call “the alignment between dimensions” OR the Pulse OR the Green Light:
It is very likely to be during this stage or in the most recent, and here I want to emphasize not on the meaning of event, where I believe it became clear through lot of explanations in the internet, but the most important is to talk about the spiritual level of event..
The event is not concern just for the liberation of earth, but it goes further more to the spiritual level for every one of us, where the pulse that will flow into earth during the event will scan the inner consciousness for everyone to test our readiness to return back to our origin state..

our interaction with the great energy of “ the Blue flame & Violet flame “ which will launch from the central sun to us depends on the stored consciousness in our inner bodies as a results of our spiritual experiences, because all the changes that will happen to us as a result of the effect of this great energy will converge and interact by our consciousness...
At the individual level:

the spiritual effect of this event is concerned in increasing the vibrations in  the frequencies of our spiritual energetic system, to rise it to interact and get harmony with other dimensions, and this will be through “developing the energetic system of our chakras and modifying our DNA  to get back to its origin state before being manipulated by the dark forces, and not only this , but it will be higher developed than its origin state , because this age will not be the same as the previous golden ages, but it is a real Freedom Age, and a summary of what all  civilizations had reached after this huge experience for millions of years..
Each of us will receive and interact with this energy at the spiritual level based on his level of consciousness and the spiritual inventories of his experiences…
so what is more important to me is the spiritual readiness , and this does not mean not care of other sides of this event..
Whenever we get rid of our psychological, emotional and mental links from the old 3rd dimension, the more we interact with the event and its energy in better way... 
Phase 3:
From [21st of April 2014 to 21st of June 2014] is the stage of reconnecting the earth and the moon with the energy of galaxy
At this stage; the major landmarks of changes will lay its foundations on this planet announcing our entry into a period of major changes, and reconnect us energetic with the energy of galaxy,, so this period is very important...

At the external level (Global):
All what we mentioned in the previous phase will enter in the large construction phase which need a great effort to show all the facts and the new systems , and removing each old systems “ we will talk about at the time” ..

At the internal and spiritual level:
The fundamentals will become clearer at this stage, to complete the vibrations of the planet, to become in the 4th dimension in order for Gaia “the earth” to start interacting with the galaxy harmoniously, and these vibrations will continue to the 4th Dimension at the physical level of planet earth, and to the 5th -7th Dimension at the spiritual & energetic level for an entire year.., and then transformed into the vibrations of the 5th Dimension at the physical level of the planet..
This means that the earth will remain a bridge (as vibrations of the 4thDimension) for an entire year “between the new 3rd Dimension and the 5thDimension...” and this bridge will be a crossing and an opportunity for the people of the 3rd Dimension to increase vibrations of their energy to the 5thDimension, and then the 5th Dimension will be separated from the 3rd Dimension people after the closing of the 4th Dimension Bridge, and each of them will complete his allotted way..
At this stage between “April 2014 – June 2014  “ :
1-    all the vibrations will increase for those who are ready spiritually to the vibrations of the 4th Dimension physically, in preparation for their transfer to the next stage after “June 2014” gradually to the vibrations of the 5th Dimension { this will be during  the year , which the earth is in the 4th Dimension} and they will be transformed to the Light body and then to ascension.., this means that it will be gradual according to whom are ready in consciousness, one by one, so the first of them will be after June 2014, and the last of them will be in June 2015..
2-    All the special abilities of 4th Dimension will begin to show per whoever completes the process of raising the vibration of the 4thDimension, such as :"
       a- Telepathy
       b- Teleportation
      c- building the Merkaba
      d- Vision of other worlds
      e- Dealing with the Higher-self
      f- bi-located ….etc
Important Note:
Please try to deal with dates in substantially awareness, means: the current  situation in the ground is dynamic and variable at every moment, what I am talking about here of dates is the general state of the main plan for these phases..
The purpose here is not to determine the dates, but knowing the stages and be ready for them, as our preparations who will create When, Where and How, but not vice versa...
What I want to say here, that we are on the verge of great change phase, which we should be prepared for, rather than waiting for the changing dates as a result of dynamics changing status { not for the basics of the plan } , and do not forget that one of the lessons of dealing with the higher –realm is not be a slave to Time, but in control of it through your consciousness..

With love& peace
Posted and written by /
The Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan 

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