dinsdag 22 april 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014 Eclipse Cycle

The Cardinal Grand Cross
April 2014 Eclipse Cycle

Hello Luminous Beings,
This week, within the Eclipse Cycle, we experience a powerful alignment: the Cardinal Grand Cross.
There are many who have written about the astrological perspectives of this alignment, and you can enhance your participation, if you feel inclined, by reading some of those on sites such as Spirit Library.
You can also simply live your life, and listen to your heart and your body and do as you're inspired and you will receive everything you can use and benefit from, as this alignment takes place. 
I want to encourage us, more and more, to really get how natural this whole Ascension Pathway is for us. Our bodies, are leading the way and we can follow. In the recent Soar Fest focused on Freedom, we were encouraged to let go of controlling life or trying to make things happen. It's an invitation I'll extend to all of us, today too. In living this way, we are more fully present to ourselves and to what is happening. Because we're within our own energy, paying attention and open.
I'm experiencing this powerful celestial alignment in a way which feels related to the four petaled flower energy. This alignment is creating an opening and the energy streaming through this opening is a seeding energy that spirals out and replicates. It is creating an opening between Earth and Cosmic Levels of Consciousness and it is therefore, opening us up to further remembering.
I can also say, that I am very relaxed about this time and all that is occurring, and at the same time, have a deep sense that the shifts taking place now are incredibly substantial and life-changing. I have cleared my schedule of most everything this week, feeling inspired to do so, simply to be with myself and support my own transformation by not taxing my body further.
I am grateful that I have created a way of living that supports this immense freedom to attend to my life in this way. I always wanted it and yet for a long time was hesitant to step forth and drop all the more traditional ways of working. Regardless, the heart knew the way and as I continued to honor my own feelings and dreams, ideas and instincts, I was quite beautifully steered right into the creation of work and a life that I passionately enjoy. This journey of awakening is taking us into this fulfillment, more and more and more. It sometimes seems hard to believe, but that's okay. It's happening anyway, beyond beliefs, because not dependent on them.
The Ascension Pathway in life is one of continual opening. As we open more and more, we learn to allow life. As we allow, we find our experiences open up. 
What is happening is that we are allowing ourselves to be more fully realized, integrating our cosmic consciousness in our human life stream. As we do this we are revising our consciousness here, uplifting it and receiving the coherence, clarity, and knowing that are our true nature. As we open and integrate more of ourselves, the magnificent wholeness of our being arises more and more in our experience. This is a wonderful experience that feels natural and very fulfilling.
Insights and shifts that in the past were truly only thought of as achievable for the few, are being democratized. Before, only those who were entirely devoted to a spiritual path and had removed themselves from day to day human life often came to the realization of their true nature and living beyond the illusion and beliefs that are the reality for so many. Now, this is happening collectively and the fact that it is, points out how much vibrational ascension has already occurred -- to get us in the vicinity of these brilliantly clear perspectives.
I have no idea where we're headed, but I feel good about it. I hope you are too? 
Life beyond everything we've ever known is showing up regularly right now, and it's amazing. This week, will lift us further into a very new space and the Solar Eclipse, on April 29, will then amplify our new state of being and inspire us toward expression.
The energies of these alignments will be felt well into June and the June Solstice will also mix it up with us in this Cosmic Dance of correspondence and collaboration. 
I am frequently reminding myself to not push myself, and to let the divine timing of everything be felt and guide my rhythms and choices.
May you enjoy this week, feeling your own energies more fully within your heart and life. 


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