vrijdag 25 april 2014

The Rainbow Tribe of All Mankind 2014: The Eagle, Condor & Return of Dharma Metatron via James Tyberonn

What is presently misunderstood by many is the reincarna­tional cycle in the progression of man’s sojourn. This is not to point fingers, because most of your ‘western’ patriarchal religions either dismiss or misunderstand mankind’s reincarnational cycle within multidi­mensionality. If this concept were better comprehended, humans would perhaps truly understand the importance of all tribes as the unified rainbow tribe of all mankind, of every race. You see, while physical tribal heritage should be honored, the soul’s rein­carnational heritage is truly of much greater bearing. Truly all of you have been every race and every gender.

So when ancestry is honored, know that it is an indispensable truth that some of the extraordinary elders and medicine keepers of the Native American past are now walking the Earth in bod­ies of all races. That is why so many non indigenous people are drawn to the wisdom of the Earth knowledge and wisdom disci­plines of the Redpath! You see, it is because they have lived it in past lives and still live it in the NOW of multidimensionality.

In kind, those that understand the law of balance of the multi­dimensional Self will understand that many of the conquistadors, officials and gold miners that took away indigenous lands are now in red bodies in order to balance those very actions. There is beauty in this truth! In fact we will tell you that the reason there are so many casinos on tribal reservations in North America, is because the gold miners have reincarnated into the race and onto lands they ‘took’ and are trying to bring back the ‘gold’ they have taken away. It is not the highest path way, but is yet the ‘karma’ of balance. So it is always a great truth to understand the true nature of self and the reincarnational process. YOU ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT. AND WILL EXPERIENCE LIFE IN ALL RACES, ALL GENDERS.


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