maandag 17 februari 2014

Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?” – The Arcturian Groupe by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Dear Friends of the Arcturian Messages,

I am sending out three emails which are three parts of an article about ascension
symptoms. I think each will be very helpful to all now opening spiritually. I did not
write these, they came through awhile back, but I feel they
are important enough to share and will help many to understand what is going on
within themselves.
Marilyn Raffaele/

Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?” – Part 1/3
Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of
exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and
you can’t figure out why? Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in
ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that
just don’t make any sense?

Or wondering why the people in your life seem to be reacting differently to you?
Either they’re more excited than ever to be with you, or the complete opposite,
they’re picking fights with you or being upset with you for no apparent reason?
Or perhaps in going through what you consider to be a normal day, at times you feel
as if you simply cannot keep your eyes open, like sleep is simply begging you to
come and be with it?
Does life at times seem empty and without meaning, even when you’re doing things
that you used to love?
Welcome to the ascension process, and the symptoms that many experience along
that path. The primary thing to know is that you are not alone, and things will get
better. READ MORE

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