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February 2014 ~ “Are You 5th Dimensional but Living a 4th Dimensional Life?”

Think of God living in a building with us. He is in every floor, every nook and cranny of this building. The higher you go to live in the building, the more you join with God in your daily experience. The full essence of God resides in the penthouse and that is where our souls are striving to live; in the penthouse called Heaven.
We were born unto the 3rd floor and we have lived there until 2003. Our lives there were controlled by our ego. Every decision for our life path was made by the ego, karma and destiny.  
The 4th Dimension is a layer of energy, like a cozy blanket, that fits over the physical 3rddimensional world. When we were finally able to climb the stairs to the 4th Dimension (4thfloor) we had more spiritual access and abilities because we were closer to God. Living here, we no longer wanted to listen to our ego because we could finally hear the whispers of God. Yet we still felt like we were not in control of our experience. Things didn’t magically manifest. We still had to ask for things to happen. It is more peaceful than where we used to live 3rd dimensionally but not as peaceful as we would like. Many things continued to surprise us. We don’t like these surprises because they usually are not easy to go through. Even though we are walking closer to God in the 4th Dimension, it still is a hard soul experience. This is because we get glimpses of God’s power but cannot understand how to get it or use it for ourselves.
When we walk up the stairs or ride the elevator to the 5th Dimension everything changes. The 5th Dimension is about as opposite as opposite can be from the 3rd Dimension. The 3rdDimension the soul is controlled by the ego. In the 5th Dimension the soul is finally in control. The ego isn’t gone but the loud PEACE of the 5th dimensional energy drowns out the ego. The 5th dimensional floor under your feet has always been shown to me by the Angels as concrete. As someone was going back and forth between the 4th and 5thdimensions, the concrete would be wet and setting. When this person finally transitioned into being fully 5th dimensional, the concrete under that soul would be firm and stable. The higher they go, the thicker the concrete; the deeper the peace. Remember, the concrete represents the peace that is supporting that person in everything. So even if that person is experiencing chaos around them, the peace will support that person and never leave. This peace is almost tangible. Every 5th dimensional person will feel this in their life.
Funny thing is 5th dimensional people are still choosing to live in the 4th Dimension. They are concerned about making their own way, their own path. Our path in the 5th Dimension doesn’t just come to us. If we are waiting for destiny or karma to bring us things into our life, we will be waiting a long, long time and not much will happen. Now karma is instantaneous and we are not ruled by any past life karma. We are in control of our own destiny. We can no longer say, “My ego made me do it.” We are now taking full responsibility for our decisions. This is a huge step for us to take.
Asking for God’s will for our lives will get the answer that God wants you to have what you can believe for and create. There is never a “No” answer. You decide and He agrees. He is the ultimate cheerleader on your team encouraging you to be more than you could previously imagine while allowing you to go as far as you want, never pushing you.
But this is hard for many people because of past disappointments. What about the things we consider as failures?  Spirit considers them lessons. No regrets. We learned something in every experience. Just move on. We think that our past is reflective of our future and nothing could be further from the truth with the 5th dimensional energy.
If you have gone through the ascension symptoms and feel inside that you are 5thdimensional but don’t see that peaceful, creative energy working in your life today, ask within if you are still living 4th dimensionally. See if you are leaning over the balcony of the 5th dimensional floor and trying to live your life under the old type of control? It was a harder way to live but we are used to that kind of life. Ask within if you are living your life with the fullest spiritual abilities available to you and using them. Are you walking on the highest and easiest path?
As long as we are physically here waiting on the Ascension, without the 5th dimensional world under our feet, it will be a balancing act every day. But the new chakras opening up under you help to balance you since Mother Earth is no longer playing that role. Believe in yourself and make the decision to walk 5th dimensionally each day. It may be scary because it is a new way of living but take that step anyway. You will find that you are supported. It doesn’t take away the issues in your life and those that are around you but you will find peace and easier answers in the 5th Dimension.
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