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Once you have opened your brain capacity to full use, 
you can at will command the body to 
raise its vibratory frequency to the point where it goes 
out of the frequency level of matter and into the vibratory frequency of light. 
That is called ascension. Ascension 
is simply the means of taking the entirety of your being 
into another dimension of your accepted consciousness.

Death is certainly one way to get there, but that means 

allowing the structure of the embodiment to fall into age 
and decay and to be no longer. Then you are without the embodiment. Ascension is taking your embodiment 
with you. Those who have ascended this plane have 
mastered the ultimate, which is death. They have learned 
how to raise, through the power of their thought, 
the vibratory frequency of the body's molecular structures 
to the point where the body is taken with them into a light existence, thus forever bypassing death when you take 
your body with you, the body can be raised and lowered 
upon any frequency level you choose.

So if you choose to come back into this frequency, 
you never have to look for another body, 
with another ego, in order to exist in another life, with 
another family, in another country. You no longer have 
to be born again into this plane of limited thinking only 
to undergo the programming of social consciousness and 
have to fight for the expression of self in order to regain 
your knowingness. You do not have to learn all over again 
that thebody can be restored to the purest light-form from which it came. You do not have to learn again that this is 
just an illusion and a game.
Once you master ascension, you maintain your body 
forever and can come and go at will with your own 
Then any moment you wish to be a part of this plane again, 
all you have to do is lower the bodily vibrations to where it vibrates at the same frequency as this plane, and here you 

All here are capable of ascending, for that which lurks 

behind the illusion of flesh is the creator 
of all universes. And you at your own choosing, through unlimited thinking, can make this 
manifestation occur. When you learn to master judgment 
against your thoughts and allow yourself 
to receive all thought, you have the power and the ability 
to become any ideal that you envision. 
Then you can do or become anything through  thought.
You can take your thought, concentrate it on the body, 
and command the body to vibrate faster. 
The body will then elevate towards the ideal that the 
thought holds steadfast for it.

The whole of the body will begin to vibrate at a greater 
rate of speed. As it does so, the temperature of the body 
will rise and the body will begin to take on a glow. As it continues to vibrate faster, the matter of the body will 
go into pure light 
and then into pure thought. Then that which was seen is 
seen no longer. Ascension is very easy to achieve.  
In truth, it is simpler than dying.  What is difficult to achieve 
is mastering judgment against your thoughts. What is indeed difficult to achieve is mastering 
the illusion of time in order to allot yourself the patience to 
do it. But once you do, ascension is simply 
a thought away. Then you have retained your body for all 
times and can thus be a traveler upon any plane at any 
moment you choose.

Death is an accepted reality on this plane, which all think 

must be; thus it has become a reality. 
Entity, the only reality is life; everything else is an illusion. Illusions are thoughts, that are games, that become realities. Death is not a necessary rule in this kingdom. It is far easier 
to take the body with you. 

No one has to die. You will die only if you believe you will. 

But the body need not ever die. 
The Gods who designed it did not design it to last for only 
a fleeting moment in time.
They designed the body to live off its glands, not its organs. 

And through a flow of hormones 
from the glands, the body was designed to live hundreds of thousands of years and never grow old. 
That was how it was programmed in its cellular structures.
Only a short time ago in your history, entities lived to be thousands of years old. Death is only the 

ending of the body, not of the personality self. But it is 
through the attitudes of the personality self that 
the life force of the body is degraded and the body is evoked 
into what is termed death

Your body responds only to what it is told to do. Your soul, which sits beside your heart, governs 

the entire body through its emotional structure. The soul is 
what causes hormones to be dispensed throughout the body 
in order to maintain life in the embodiment. The soul does not 
do this on its own but rather under the direction of your 
attitudes and thought processes. Because of your attitudes 
here, the hormones cease to be created in the body after 
puberty. When they are no longer created, 
a death hormone is activated in the body and the whole 
body begins to break down, to grow old, and to die.
The death hormone is activated in the body because you live 
in guilt and self-judgment
and the fear of death. And to you, beauty is based wholly on 

the appearance of youth, not on the character of one's being. You anticipate death by purchasing insurance to bury yourself. 

You purchase insurance to protect your treasury if you 
become ill or diseased. You are doing everything possible to hasten the aging and death of your embodiment because you wholly expect it. The body 
is only a servant, an instrument of collective
thought. It is a magnificent creation, the most refined 

instrument there is. But it was not created to have 
a mind of its own. It was created specifically to be a servant, 
and it will live only as long as you allow 
it to live. If you accept thoughts of old age - expecting
the body to wither away and die - or deny yourself love and happiness and joy, your body will 

gradually descend itself into the corruption of death.

You know, master, in this very moment you can cease 

time completely and live in the foreverness 
of this Now, if you so choose, for is time not an illusion? 
Who has seen it? A great hypocrisy exists 
here because you refuse to believe in the unseen, yet you 
wholly worship and are enslaved to time. 
You have the power right within you, right where you are, 
to reverse the age of your embodiment 
back into youth and to live on and on and on. How? 
Simply through your attitude. If you do not 
want the body to age and die, change your attitude. Let 
your attitude say that the body will live 
forever, and so it will. Remove all things from your life 
that acknowledge the ending of it, and it will 
never end. Never have the word "old" in your vocabulary understanding. Have "forever" in your
understanding. Cease the celebration of your birthdays, 
for that only gives credence to the aging process. If it pleases 
you to acknowledge your birth, do so, but reverse the count 
of your years and become younger. When you do not expect your death,you will never know it.

Always live in the present.
Never acknowledge any 

future other than this Now. Your Now will be eternity if 
you permit it to be so. Never contemplate how long you are going to live, for you will 
always live. Contemplate the foreverness of your body, and 
so it will become. That is simply how it 
is. Love yourself, master. Bless your body. Speak to your 
soul, which is the lord of your being, and command it to 
bring forth the enzymes of youth, and it will. Know that the 
body can live forever. 
And how does it live forever? By telling it to. Immortality 
is achieved only when one does away with 
the understanding 
of mortality. This travesty called death could be eliminated 
by the whole lot of humanity if they lived 
not in the future or the past but in the ongoingness of this 
Now and if the attitude of living was greater than the prospects of dying. This shall be eliminated here in the years to come, 
for time will be no 
longer and these understandings will have become a living 
reality in everyone upon your plane. Then death will have become a senseless no-thing.
 Wat we niet op school leren maar van levensbelang is

Tijdens onze opvoeding en op school leren we van alles over hoe we ons moeten ontwikkelen tot een gemiddeld mens, zich gedragend naar de algemeen geldende regels en netjes het pad lopend dat voor ons uitgestippeld is als maatschappelijk aanvaardbaar.
En waar bleef de spiritualiteit die ons innerlijk moet voeden? Hoe zou ons leven er uit zien als we dit mee hadden gekregen in onze dagelijkse lessen? Hoe zou de wereld er nu en in de toekomst uit zien als we er vroeg kennis van hadden genomen? 
We zijn spirituele wezens die een menselijke reis maken
Voordat we in ons fysieke lichaam terecht kwamen gingen we door de tunnel van vergetelheid, het geboortekanaal van de moederschoot. De uitdaging van het leven bestaat uit het weer her-in-neren, weer weten wie en wat we zijn. Uiteindelijk zijn we nooit afgesneden van de bron maar de verbindingsdraad lijkt wel erg ver uitgerekt en dun geworden. We kunnen die draad inkorten, sterk maken en als een pilaar van licht de verbinding laten herstellen door weer te weten, diep van binnen wie en wat we zijn. 
Zielen zijn onsterfelijk
We zijn onsterfelijk maar hebben de focus verlegd naar het fysieke sterfelijke lichaam. Innerlijk zijn we verbonden met de vloed van ervaringen die het leven als fysiek wezen opdoet. Als de tijd komt om los te laten, te sterven, rijst uit het lichaam de lichtvonk op naar een ander trillingsveld. We nemen onze ervaringen mee zodat we tijdens de levens kunnen groeien in ervaring en wijsheid. LEES MEER

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