zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Ego, the Grand Illusionist

Ego, the Grand Illusionist

Our egos have a way of controlling us that we may not even be aware.  It drives us to meet its needs by creating illusions involving situations and people. For example, our egos crave attention and praise.  In order to get this attention and praise, it seeks situations and people to fulfill this need.

How many times have we imagined the person who paid attention to us and praised us as perfect, had no flaws, and was the lover of our dreams?  How many times have we paid attention to and praised someone and believed they were perfect and flawless, and the lover of our dreams? Then, just to find out after getting to know them that they really are flawed with many habits, behaviors, and traits that we don't like. We then ask ourselves, "what were we thinkin'?"  This is the illusion.  Our initial feelings about them are genuine and real, but the illusions created by the ego to generate these feelings are not.

That's why the ego is the grand illusionist.  It will get what it needs from us even if it must create this illusion to get  it.  The ego isn't always our friend, and it's the part of us that causes disappoint. Aside from the ego's enormous needs, it also creates expectations, and demands that we meet these expectations. This is the basis of our suffering, and our never finding inner peace.  When we can love ourselves, we no longer need this attention and praise from another.  May you find your inner peace today.~ Sahana (Copyright 2012 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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