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Cosmic Consciousness by Susan

by Susan

Cosmic Consciousness is an ultra high state of illumination in the human Mind that is beyond that of "self-awareness," and "ego-awareness."  In the attainment of Cosmic Consciousness, the human Mind has entered a state of Knowledge instead of mere beliefs, a state of "I know," instead of "I believe." This state of Mind is beyond that of the sense reasoning in that it has attained an awareness of the Universe and its relation to being and a recognition of the Oneness in all things that is not easily shared with others who have not personally experienced this state of Mind.   The attainment of Cosmic illumination will cause an individual to seek solitude from the multitude, and isolation from the noisy world of mental pollution.

In the state of Cosmic Consciousness has an individual developed a keen awareness of his own mental states and activities and that of others around him or her.  This individual is aware of a very distinct "I" personality that empowers the individual with a powerful expression of the "I am" that is not swayed or moved by the external impressions of the trifling mental states of others. This individual stands on a "rock solid" foundation that is not easily understood by the common mind.  Cosmic Consciousness is void of the "superficial" ego.

The existence of the conscious "I" and the "Subconscious Mind" on the Mental Plane is a manifestation of the seventh Hermetic principle, the Principle of Gender.  Every human, male and female, is composed of the Masculine and Feminine aspect of Mind on the Mental Plane.  Each male has its female element, and each female has its male element of Mental Gender from which the creation of all thoughts proceed.  The "I" being the masculine aspect of Mind, and the Subconscious Mind being the feminine.  The Principle of Gender manifests itself as male and female in all species of Life and Being that makes the sexual reproduction and multiplication of the species possible on the Great Physical Plane.  The phenomena of this Principle can be found in all three great groups of Life manifestation; the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Planes of Life and Being.

On the Physical Plane, its role is recognized as sexual reproduction, while on the higher planes it takes on higher, more  subtler functions of Mental and Spiritual Gender.  Its role is always in the direction of reproduction, generation and regeneration.  The Masculine and Feminine principles are always present and active in all phases of phenomena and every plane of Life.    An understanding in the manifesting power of this Principle, will give us a greater understanding of ourselves and an awareness of the enormous latent power awaiting to be tapped.

In the Spiritual developed individual, the person who becomes aware of, and recognizes the conscious "I," or the "I am" within, will be able to exert its will upon the subconscious mind with definite causation and purpose.  The recognition and awareness of the "I" will enable a person to expand his or her mind into regions of consciousness that is unthinkable to the societal conditioned thinking process of the world community.

True Spiritual, or Mental development, enables the sharpening of the five bodily senses, enhancing the richness of Life as our minds are allowed to expand into advanced Spiritual knowledge.  Knowledge that will enable the proper use of the five wonderful bodily senses as they report to us the external world from which we derive information to store in the memory banks of the brain to create a knowledge base of experience.  The greater the Conscious awareness, the more acute the bodily senses become.  At the same time, the lesser the Conscious awareness (non-material sixth sense), the less acute the five bodily senses become and much of our external world would not even be acknowledged.  This difference of mental states is most likely the cause of debate between religious and scientific circles.

The "I" Consciousness in each human is the true "Higher Self." The "Higher Self" of each human exists as a constant moving whirlpool of Cosmic Consciousness, or an eddy in the INFINITE SPIRIT of "THE ALL," which manifests LIFE in all of us and all living entities of the lower and higher planes.  The "I" within all of us as being apart of the Mind but not separated exists in all of us and is the instrument of the conscious "I."  It is Eternal and indestructible and mortality and Immortality is not an issue in it's existence.  There is no force in existence capable of destroying the "I."  This "I" or "Higher Self" is the SOUL of the Soul and is holographically connected to THE ALL, giving the powerful "I" the Image of its CREATOR.  All of us are created in the image of GOD without any exceptions or exclusions and none can escape its OMNIPRESENT INFINITE LIVING MIND. 
The ALL being the Ruler of all fate, or destiny, in all peoples, nations, governments, religious institutions, suns, worlds, galaxies, planes, dimensions, and Universes.   All are subject to its Wills and Efforts, and is the LAW that keeps all things in relationship to their SOURCE.  There is no "existence" outside of THE ALL.

Source: http://www.pymander.com/AETHEREAL/ARCANE~1.htm
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  1. Very much truth :) it is nice to know I'm not the only being that has experienced such a happening of knowing. The knowing can be difficult to deal with in the aspect of many other are not currently knowing. I seek others like myself.