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Synchronized Events for the Equinox Gateway March 20th

Synchronized Events for the Equinox Gateway March 20th
Message updated March 9 with new Light codes

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
We have a major Gateway opening on the Equinox, Thursday March 20th at 9:57 AM PDT, 16:57 UTC. (Check your local time for the Equinox here.)
The energies we are experiencing right now are the prequel to this new light wave – and it is 11 days away as of this post. It is that vibrant! It continues through Solstice, with amplifications in April and May. It is a perfect storm of Ascension energies. You might feel like you’re standing aboard the great ship Gaia as she sways in this new light wave.

This new light provides BALANCE, ORDER, PEACE and SOLAR COSMIC CHRIST initiations. Since we all have the game book now, we may utilize this cosmic trigger to accelerate divinity, purity and a cosmic dissolvement of all which does not compliment the whole. This is not about judgment. Ever. It is about BEing the Christed Light. Vibration = Vibration.
Our participation assists the collective

We have tremendous support at the Ascended Master, Archangelic, Supreme Light Creator and Galactic levels. As the high-vibe tribe understands, Cosmic Law must be obeyed – so the collective consciousness can only receive the maximum benefit of any incoming light by welcoming it in and transmitting it to the collective and higher realms.
In order to receive this new light which holds codes for Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Unity, we must send out the same to all of creation. To every Brother and Sister on the planet, in divine neutrality. The focus here is on HUmanity – we welcome in and broadcast this pure lovelight as it enters on the Equinox in a Unified way. Separation is over, we have to prove that we desire that reality, right now.
Light servers, Feel into this message

I know many have received *pay attention on the Equinox* messages, however we have an opportunity to anchor pure light and amplify it – that means welcoming the light and being in a state of reception and transmission on the Equinox itself.
Preparation includes everything we have been writing about – purification of body, mind, ego, emotions and a focus on heart-based peacefulness. End all of the conflict and disharmony possible within your own beingness. Do not attack others or throw opinions around. Stop those energies in their tracks, resist the push-back or sharing of unsolicited advice/opinions. Those energies will get the full boomerang effect of this new wave; Zero Point dynamics are going to become intense for many with distortions or disharmony in their fields or body vehicle. We’re beyond the put up or shut up cutoff point, please get through whatever keeps you from your Mastery.

Be Masterful in your expression and intentions
Please, no drama or symptom talk – set all the emotional triggers to rest for yourself and others – and be heartful when you speak about the Equinox. I AM not guided to create a global event page on facebook or anything of that nature. Why? Because many people are triggered by light encodements when they have baggage or unresolved issues, which leads to them getting too fired up (panicky) or asking a lot of questions when our focus needs to be Peace, Stability, Harmony and Balancing the incoming light. These energies will get intense, let us focus on the grid of HUman hearts and our intention to serve the collective, making it as easy as possible for all to experience the divine Christed activations. You may feel like you’re in a love bubble – that is 5D/6D activations. Set aside the symptom talk and focus on the incoming Divine Light.
Equinox Unified Intentions

All Sources are encouraging GATHERINGS and UNIFIED FOCUS on the Equinox itself. Get together right where you are placed – find the local collective (hang up a flyer, try, holistic centers, anywhere awakened folks tend to gather). You will be surprised at how widespread the awakening has become. No assumptions that your town or neighborhood is asleep. That is impossible at this point. Let’s all step into the Leadership roles with grace and harmony.
The new light creates a sense of urgency because it is targeting crystalline cellular structures. As they vibrate faster, the emotional body can get triggered. Be the calm. There are many on the planet who are capable of assisting in a harmonious way; no judgment if you cannot. Breathe. As Gaia always says, it is a birth not a funeral. If you are guided to a Sacred Site, gather with others in Peace and Unity consciousness. Any kind of peaceful meditation at the Equinox hour is appreciated. As always, visualize the harmonious new paradigm in the Now.
Gridwork, Gatekeepers and Benevolent Intentions

I AM receiving some grid setups to connect with others on the planet participating in Equinox activations. Light-grounding the same grid (small crystal setup) alongside your own personal expression/guidance would be helpful in UNIFYING our intentions to serve as a Light Service Collective. We can use them all the way through Solstice when this light wave quells. I will post them this week. Please share your own with friends, colleagues and groups. Let’s use our high-vibe creativity and plan on being in meditation – perfect inner balance and harmony – for the Equinox. Gatekeepers and those in service to the new light, we will be anchoring for the usual three days before/three days after this Gateway.

On the Equinox
As awakened and Ascending beings – wayshowers – we have a Gateway which holds light-encodements, electronic surges, photonic-magnetic demands, and a big acceleration of the Solar Cosmic Christed state. All of these can be in your anchoring intentions before, during and after the Equinox.
On the day itself, be offline and tune in to the collective intentions for Peace, Love, Light, Harmony, Balance, and the Ascension of HUmanity. We know it is easier to work with elementals and kingdoms, however our focus is on HUmanity, who are the main decision makers for the planetary experience (that’s YOU and everyone around you.) We may provide beautiful balancing and stability if we are able to Unify in Oneness.

As this wave comes through, everything is changed. Permanently. We can amplify this for everyone on the planet by BEing in our Oneness, Grace and Higher BEingness.
We are proving to the Higher realms and our Higher beingness that we are ready, willing, and capable of holding more light and peaceful intentions. If we hold this intention in our meditations, ceremonies, and gatherings, the amplification of that light will be miraculous. Vibration = vibration. Higher vibration = Higher vibration. Give more lovelight = receive more lovelight.
Please share or repost this message in Unified Intention to receive and transmit the embodiment of Divine Love, Peace in all nations, Balance in all systems, and Divine Will in the hearts of all of HUmanity. <3 Blessings Be <3
Donations are truly appreciated, thank you!
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Lake Taupo Star Gates & Other Gates.....and Journey Of Soulantra
Soluntra King

It being important to love one self fully, through love and acceptance, embracing in oneness all parts of oneself still judging or putting one self down as the heart glows brighter, embracing with love and acceptance
all physical manifestations of pain and separation in relationships as well, rejection, aloneness, grief embraced in love. The mirrors as well and politicians, bankers, illuminati, reptilians, dark lords whatever you still dance
with is still part of you, until loved and accepted as we see the Earth as divine, moving beyond the duality drama illusion of abuse and destruction into the real, the divine that is in harmony and peace. The old programmes of magic and control merged into the love, surrendered into divine will and allowing, love and
trust as we open our hearts with so much love for our self and all creation. READ MORE

Méline Lafont – The Pleiadians – Equinox Portal And Conscious Contact – 16 March 2014

MelineLafontNew (267x357)
Greetings, we are the Pleiadians and we come forth in Grace and with Unconditional Love for every being upon this plane and beyond. We come with a deeper understanding and a knowing about your Planetary Ascension and the stages it is lingering in. As a deeper consciousness is being achieved by many of the collective upon your planes of reality, there are many new opportunities and possibilities being created and even manifested into your own collective – and your personal reality.

What we wish to speak about in this Now moment on your Earthly planes, is the Equinox energies/ portal and its effect on each individual existence and reality. Be brave our fellow Lightworkers, Brothers and Sisters, for this new wave and amount of Solar energy will hit the nail on the head concerning many things and Earthly realities that have been playing out for several years now.
Drastic changes are upon your plane as the collective and many of your Lightworkers have been yearning, creating and decreeing many of those changes. There will be shedding, quakes in the form of energy waves and literally huge amounts of releasing density and releasing old patterns/ forms / creations. That what once was old and inconvenient shall not BE anymore and fade away like dust in the wind.
The Equinox is here to assist many of you on your path to become Multi- Dimensional in your own frequency and vibration of the highest possible energy of YOU. This shall bring forth some granting such as first personal contact in your own reality first before the collective will be involved in those interactions. Why is it important to start those first contacts initially on a real, physical level (your own level)?! Because when you become aware and ready for those levels of interaction in your own way and vibration, the collective is being infused with acceptance and love, with an understanding of our existence and our presence on your Earthly planes.
As each and everyone of you are a part of the Oneness and of your Earthly Collective, you prepare the way for others to be in connection with our being on a deeper level and with a deeper understanding/acceptance. It is all about the acceptance of our existence that we like to work on and that is more than just knowing we are here in the now, it is also a seeing and a feeling of our Presence around you as well as within you.
Gatekeepers and Ground Crew are the first to be in connection with our energies as you are ready for this. The first wavers of this Ascension Process are already in alignment with our Being and our Presences as they have been preparing for all of this a long time now. Their time is Now to assist in First Contact and this goes through their own embodiments and Presences, through their realities. You will know when you are a first waver and you will be approached by our energies in all sorts of forms and ways.
Do not look for us in the physical appearance, beloved ones, for we might simply be adjusting to your energies in the most refined and the highest way possible to become tangible for you to “see”. Remember that “seeing” is not solely through the physical eye and your visual senses, but we speak here of seeing us with the inner eye of truth. All sorts of forms and manifestations are possible, but we will always choose the way that serves your Highest best and this preferably in the most natural way of our being that is possible.
We will take it step by step, as always, for your balance and ability to cope with all of this is our first concern and our main priority. First wavers, be ready for this and soak in the energies of this beautiful Equinox portal. As to the collective and the Lightworkers who are stepping up to their own natural Self, to their I AM Presence and to the Christ Consciousness: a lot of Love and codes are going to be infused in all of those ones in order to prepare for this phase that is already coming for the first wavers.
Nobody and nothing will be left behind or will be left to be forgotten, for all is part of the Oneness that is called BEING. You will always BE and there is NO way that you cannot BE, for Being is existence and existence is INFINITE.

We are the Pleiadians
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline :  and blog Méline:

Prepare for Equinox Energy Gateway 

As equinox approaches this week, you may be feeling called to balance energies in your life
and to have more clarity about your path. Equinox, after all, is the start of a new energies.

In fact, this particular equinox is a powerful energetic gateway with positive potentials to
accelerate your forward movement. To connect with those opportunities, your energy must be
balanced and you must be clear about what your heart and higher purpose, too. Ego gateways like equinox. READ MORE


Dear Ground Crew,
In talking with another Lightworker the other day, I realized that one of the most important things that we need now is inspiration. We have a plethora of channeled messages through the Internet, some are more inspiring than others, yet inspiration tops the list.
Some Lightworkers are feeling discouraged. Please don’t feel discouraged. We are at the apex of our crossroads from the lower fourth dimension to the higher fourth and higher. The dark forces would like you to think they are in control but they are incorrect. In my writings for the past 17 years or so on my website it has always been my intention to support Lightworkers and to keep us informed. Our work is important.

Another wonderful and inspiring person who has been doing her work for about 40 years is Patricia Cota-Robles ( She just gave us a wonderful message on June 1:
“I AM delighted to say that the Company of Heaven has revealed that with the monumental influxes of Light we have received from the Heavenly Realms in the form of Eclipses, Celestial Alignments, and Divine Intervention since the March Equinox miracles has taken place. After aeons of time the collective invocations of Awakened Humanity reached a critical mass during the Mystical Month of May which, indeed, created an unstoppable shift. This shift allowed the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to reach into the depths of the pockets of negativity recorded in each person’s etheric body, and to transmute those gross mutations back into Light with the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame the World has ever known.
“Saint Germain said those pockets of negative energy have been a major factor in blocking Humanity’s ability to experience Divine Love and to reconnect with our Mother God and the Divine Feminine since our fall from Grace on the continent of Lemuria aeons ago. The dense pockets of negativity in Humanity’s etheric bodies have been feeding and sustaining our fear-based human egos since the fall. It is no wonder that so many people have felt that no matter what they do to try and improve the quality of their life, they have been blocked and prevented from moving forward in the Light.

“If you have seen the negative energy in your etheric body, you know it looks like very dense pockets of black tar. That energy was originally part of the Lifeforce that you received from our Father-Mother God so that you could live, move, breathe, and have your Being as an individualized Son or Daughter of God on Earth. Through a lack of awareness your human ego either deliberately or inadvertently took that gift of Life and distorted it into gross mutations that caused pain and suffering. Those etheric records and memories have been instrumental in causing the negative things you have been experiencing for lifetimes while being manipulated and controlled by your human ego.
“BUT NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! The influxes of Light that have taken place since the March Equinox, including the invocations for the Violet Flame that built in momentum throughout the Mystical Month of May, have allowed the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to shatter and transmute back into Light the tar-like pockets of negativity that were created during the initial impulse of the fall on Lemuria. Those were the etheric records that have most effectively blocked Humanity’s ability to experience Divine Love or to reconnect with our Mother God.
“Once the Violet Flame transmuted into Light the atomic and subatomic particles and waves of energy associated with the pockets of negativity, the I AM Presence of every person permanently sealed the space where the negativity existed in the Divine Momentum of the Crystalline White Ascension Flame. With the God Victorious accomplishment of that Activity of Light, that degree of negativity will never again exist in the Bodies of the Sons and Daughters.

The Momentum for June 2014 Is ASCENSION
“Now that the pockets of negativity in people’s etheric bodies have been transmuted by the Violet Flame, there is a Cosmic push by the I AM Presence of every person, and the Company of Heaven, to assist the masses of Humanity to catch up with the Ascension process that the Earth and ALL Creation are now in the midst of completing.”
Other Observations
It feels like we are being given the opportunity for completion and healing right now. Have any of you noticed people from the past coming back into your lives for one reason or another? We get to reflect upon our work and our lives now in a myriad of ways. Staying constant and true to ourselves is our charge.

I have been doing my healing work for almost 20 years. I love doing my healing work and it is always a precious gift to receive feedback from others about how I have helped them. The other day a client came to see me after about 19 months. She told me that in our last session the first thing that I did was to send Light to her ovaries. She proudly told me that she got pregnant that night and that she now has a ten month old baby boy. I didn’t know she had been trying to get pregnant and didn’t remember sending the Light. Anyway, I wanted to share this delightful testimony and the new baby is a testimony to the power of the Light.

Time continues to speed up. We are happiest if we stay in the NOW moment. This is the way we are intended to be. Being in the NOW moment will be our stronghold as we continue this spiraling upward process. LINK

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