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Good and Evil

Good and Evil By Michael Logony  (March 14th, 2014)
This article may sound strange to many people so if you feel like I am violating your beliefs, I apologize. I find this information important to share, because I see that some people are not protecting themselves enough. Ignorance and a lack of knowledge can do bad things.
In this article I would like to tell you something about light and darkness or Light and Dark. These are very popular terms but I think they are misleading. Anyway I am going to use them now and change them later.

First of all, our reality is both Light and Dark. I call it the trickster’s realm. According to many Native American tribes, the coyote (or the trickster in general) was the teacher of humans and the creator of our reality. It was coyote, Iktomi (spider), or other trickster that helped to create the world. I think that we can learn from all the myths that the reality is a mirror of a trickster, both good and bad.

In the very beginning the Great Creator (Light) created our Universe. But there was another out-of-Creation being (Dark) that was jealous and wanted to imitate the Creation. So he entered it and created his own beings (archetypes). The Great Creator saw his work, but because the Great Creator is unconditional love he did not destroy the Dark. He forgave the Imitator and accepted the Dark beings (archetypes) as his own. He gave a purpose and a function to them as well as to his own (Light) beings. The Light and Dark have become one (in our reality). Dark beings have their own good “occupation” assigned to them.

I do not think that Light and Dark are good terms because it makes us think that it relates to day and night, but it is not true. Light and Dark archetypes are present during days as well as during nights. Day and night are not exact opposites. I call them seeming opposites, because, for example, both humbleness and strong will must have been needed to start the Creation. We feel that those two traits are opposites, but it is not true. They can be both good and bad, depending on whose energy (the Great Creator’s or the Imitator’s) influences it. I will now use the terms Good and Bad but again, in our reality, Bad has a good purpose that was given to it by the Great Creator. This may also be because our reality is not exactly Good and Bad, but slightly Good, let’s say 51% Good and 49% Bad.

So now we can tell that our body (3rd dimensional) is both Good and Bad. According to many sources, after death our spirit (7thdimensional) leaves our dimension and enters the spirit world that is full of love and pure intentions. So we can say that our spirit is Good (it is Light). But because our body is both Good and Bad, we can choose which way we want to follow. Remember, that the Bad inside you works for Good, but you can abuse it. The Bad (unlike the Good) can be abused by bad intentions to do bad things. So when you take into your body and mind too much Bad, the Bad that is inside you (because it works for Good) starts telling you: “Please, take in more Light, otherwise I will be abused.” If you take in more and more Bad, you will eventually become Bad. Your spirit will be damaged by bad emotions (poisoned) and it will be unable to fully enter the spirit world (it must be then healed in some way there), because the spirit world is Good.

That brings me to another issue. We can transform Bad into Good, for example, we can transform the energy of fear to the energy of love by changing our mind focus, by laughing, etc. And unfortunately, Bad can devour our spirit. Have you ever heard about soul selling? There are bad rituals that can eventually lead to soul selling. Usually these are done to obtain a bad spiritual power. People do this out of greed. They misuse their life force (symbolically blood). Their spirit and soul will then become Bad and they will no longer have pure intentions (when they leave the body). This is a part of our reality and we should be aware of it. It is certainly not good to be paranoid, but just to be aware so we can protect ourselves.

Let’s now take a look at some archetypes. Let’s start with animals. There are many legends about different animals and their powers. Again, both Good and Bad have a Good purpose so all the animals are essentially Good (when they are not abused). For example, a hawk is considered a Good power and an owl is considered a Bad power. They both serve as warning messengers. They both warn us of danger. So they both have essentially a good purpose. But bad people (that do witchcraft or black magic) use only the owl medicine for their wicked intentions. But why don’t they use hawks? Because it cannot be abused, try to force it and it will backfire on you. Remember that energies have their own mind. And Good does not do Bad things unless it is poisoned.

It is the same thing with emotions. Both Good and Bad emotions may serve as Good messengers. Joy usually tells us to do the positive action in the future again. Fear is usually a messenger of imbalance, that we should think and/or change our beliefs (comfort zone …). But again, joy cannot be abused. Yes, you can feel joy and bad intentions at the same time, but sooner or later one of them leaves. Fear, on the other hand, can be abused and it is an excellent tool for control. Why is our current hierarchical system based on fear and stress rather than love? Because love cannot be abused. When we talk about the original sources of Good and Bad, we can say, from what we know, that the Great 

Creator is unconditional love (positive emotions) and the Imitator is unconditional fear (negative emotions). We usually perceive inner energy as emotions. Remember, that energy has its own mind. It relates to the Law of Attraction. If you want to attract something positively to you, you should feel the emotion of positive attraction, which is love. On the other hand, if you feel fear (negative repulsion), bad things may happen.

To put it all simply, our reality is both Good and Bad, Light and Dark. Everything is Good as long as the Bad works for Good (for the Great Creator). It is necessary to keep the balance 51% Good and 49% Bad, not vice versa! When we abuse Bad by bad intentions, it will start to fulfill the Imitator’s purpose and destroy. Although it may not seem dangerous from our perspective, energetically it is.

Bad powers usually tempt us first. For example, when I was about to discover my animal totem, an owl appeared in my dream and it said something like: “You see me. I am powerful. Accept my power.” But because I had some indigenous knowledge, I replied: “No! I don’t want your power. Go away!” And it left. When it comes to healing, owl feathers act kind of like a poison. They push the sickness deeper into the body. But remember, that owls are essentially Good in our reality (unless they are abused by negative forces/intentions); they warn us of danger at night. They have an amazing vision and they see dangers before we can even notice them.

When we now know that our reality is a trickster, a balance line, we can choose. Do you want your soul to be Good or Bad? Do you prefer love and joy or fear, anger and jealousy? Well, I chose love. I would like to be with the Great Creator all the time. He loves us all so much that he allows us to go away from him. But why? Our reality is not black and white, but the energies are. Bad should work for Good in our reality, so we may not see the dangers behind. But you can choose. It is your choice.
I agree that when we fill our body with too much Light, we may not match the frequency of others well, but we will be closer to the Great Creator. 

When we do this collectively, when we raise our frequency with love and joy, we will be forced to leave the trickster’s realm and go into higher dimensions (for example, the 4th dimension) where there is even more Good. Collectively we can choose our way. Or we can lower our vibrations with stress and fear and enter a lower dimension where the Bad dominates. We are on the balance line. We can choose.

Note: I feel that there are people who have a special affection for Bad, which is good. I sense that they are here to tell us to include the Bad as well in the same way as the Great Creator accepted the Bad and gave the Bad its purpose. In our galactic history we did not usually include the Bad and it was then jealous and destroyed some of the Good. Please, let us focus on love, and that means include the Bad as well into the Good. I would love to see the trickster’s realm with no abused Bad, only with good Bad and good Good, where hawks and owls cooperate to help people and all of Nature. 

I love Good and I love Bad. The Great Creator forgave and accepted, let’s do the same. Love the Good and Bad, but do not use Bad powers (that also means do not create bad emotions and intentions in your mind, only read bad messengers) and do not abuse the Bad (and neutral). When are filled with true love, we can choose to go to a higher dimension.

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